Ahhhhhhh!!!! Help meeeee!!! I want this....but I'm my worst enemy!!!

  • He is not my reason. He is one of many reasons. A side motivator. I'm doing this for me.

  • Charlie I dont think thats a positive comment, everyone has a reason or reasons why they are doing the challenge, so lets encourage people not discourage.


    Im sure you have had plenty of kind words on here.........

  • Thank you Raf_Ric :)

  • I think the pictures on the fridge are a great motivational tool as well as written goals that you will see every day.  If you fall off the wagon so to speak be sure to get right back on and write the loss off as experience.  Planning is a big part of it too, it helps to plan things like workout and meals ( I am finding the Bill Phillips success journal helps a lot,   I got mine at a discount on the Eb..y site).  I sound like you have a great deal of determination, just keep that going by aiming on the final goal(s) and do a little personal rewarding for each goal that you obtain(set intermediate goals like so many reps, so many inches by a certain time , that will help also). Best wishes to you. WPBILL

  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a progress update! I commute so I have no where to go for 4 hrs in the morning before work haha So I have no choice but to hit the gym everyday. That has been such a great thing!! I have increased energy, my face and stomach have slimmed down (my coworkers have even commented positively) and my legs have actually gotten bigger, which isn't what I want but apparently they get bigger before getting smaller (that fun fat to muscle transitional stage.) I couldn't walk for 3 days last week, normally it hurts for two days after the weight sesh, but I hit them hard!

    As far as eating goes, I haven't been a role model. I will have oatmeal and boiled egg for breakfast (instant apple cinnamon, the organic kind) and green tea. Then I'll do half an original myoplex 2x a day, drink some low sodium V-8 if I get hungry and eat a chicken wrap (chicken, lettuce and wheat tortilla with salsa) for lunch and dinner. Im trying to eat as little as possible. Oh and drink lotsa water (floride free) ;)

    Anyyy wayyyy I think this is working. How are the rest of you doing! Thanks again for the encouragement. :)

  • So awesome reading all of your posts.  I begin for the first time ever on 7/24/11.  My goal is to commit to and complete 12 weeks.  I think the victory of completion will be worth more to me than the physical benefits (not lying, that will be just as GREAT!).  So excited!  I'll be checking back in frequently!

  • Hang in there Deanna!! The hardest part for me was getting over the initial hunger and cravings. Shrinking the stomach and getting it used to eating smaller portions doesn't take very long though.

    I think your goal of completion is great. Rest assured,  in the process you will see such motivating results! Good luck! :)

  • Yay I wanted to say this too but didn't want to sound negative... but it has got to be about you or it can be a bit doomed...the drive and commitment to wanting to feel better (and look better) and take care of your physical fitness inside and out... and yes it is true when a person is a happier healthier person, that is an place (energy) that will connect you with other great folks - and then ultimately 'the one' :

  • I don't understand how it came across that I am doing this for a guy. The reason I even referred to him is because my trip happened to be 12 weeks away, the timeline of the challenge. As I stated, I have been trying to complete this challenge for 10 years, since I was 17. That was obviously before meeting him. :/

    I would tell any woman out there to do this challenge for herself. However, the benefits don't only affect us, so what is wrong with having someone you care about be a motivator? Isn't that a better motivator than say, a dress? I think so.

  • Efrezza you are so right when you wrote: "12 weeks are going to pass no matter what you spend them doing, so as long as you can squeek out 25-45 minutes for yourself each day, why not invest that time in your health?"

  • I agree with you hb_local19.  I think it is great to have something at the end of your 12 weeks that helps to keep you motivated.  I did a BFL challenge back in 2001 and at the end of it we had a vacation planned so knowing I was going to be wearing a bikini kept me focused.  I wish you all the best on your journey!

  • You are right, it's good to have tangible things like that to keep us motivated. A vacation in a bikini is a great motivator!

    Kabbot, thank you for your positive encouragement! :)

  • Theresa,

    I am just reading the encouraging words on so many of these blogs.  I put up a blog site for anyone starting on Monday : )  If you are interested in joining some of us starting Monday, we are at:

    Getting Started -> Starting Monday, November 7th - Anyone with me????

    I, like you, have been unable to stick with anything I have started so far and my family just rolls their eyes now - who blame them right?!?!  I can and WILL do this 12 week program!  I plan on posting everyday and hope that other will too.  Together - this is going to happen for us!

    Hope to chat with you - daily - for the next 12 weeks!


  • Hi I just read this thread - How are you doing?? Give us a progress report :)