Starting Tomorrow

  • Day 82

    Trace, think i will save the pics for the next challenge. Will take day 84 and do a thorough assessment of the last 84 days. kept a journal and from looking at my effort overall i can see where i went wrong especially the nutrition aspects.

    Will also look at upping my intensity of my workouts. Programme 2 starts saturday.

    The best thing about this first programme is that i kept going even after setbacks. Just glad to have followed through this time.

    Keep going Trace and stay motivated.


  • Merv--that's is so encouraging to see how motivated you are.  I have no doubt you can push through C2.  I have kept a semi journal and so far in retrospect, being this is my first challenge, I have slipped twice on meals and skipped one cardio session.  I will probably be tweaking on my meals some (more like experimenting).  I'm going to see if I added more protein or carbs at different weeks if it will improve my weight loss.  I have not lost any weight so far on this challenge and am a bit discouraged on that aspect.  Some toning for sure with the weights but not to the body definition I'd like to have seen thus far.

    Not giving up any time soon, but it is not easy.  Week 9 midway so the end date is actually getting very near.  I've heard both on folks taking active rest and others who haven't.  I think I will do 1 week of AR but keep clean meals as best as I can.

    Please keep posting on your C2 and I'll be there cheering for you every step of the way.

  • Programme 2

    Day 2

    At the gym now. Took the Friday and Saturday to refocus. Did ubwo but did not keep to by eating plan.

    These are the lessons i have learnt from the first programme.

    1Fill the gap left by food and feed the soul with good spiritual and motivational books.

    I read Stephen Covey's 7 habits and Maxwell's 360 degree leader.

    2 Sharing with other BFLifers can be motivational and contributed to me finishing programme 1

    3. One has to get the nutrition in order to succeed in this programme and i will improve on the nutritional aspects

    I have the foundation now to succeed in building my body for life.

    Trace looks like its just you and me, will keep posting  and we will keep each other motivated. Deal?


  • Hi Merv, Glad to hear you have started on C2.  You can do this and I will definitely keep cheering you on.  You got a deal buddy!

    Did you ever think that you would not have finished C1 this last go around?  I remember you mentioned you had not completed them in the past--so what was it that was different this last one around.  Also, do you find that you are not sticking to your meal plans when you're more under stress or tired?  Sometimes understanding the underlying reason for when you stray could help.  For me, I find myself more hungry and proned to snack more when I am tired or lack sleep.  

    Thanks for sharing the lessons you have learned.  I try to read alot too--same types of book and I also listen to audio books as well.  I am always either reading or listening to something.  I'm in between Mother Teresa's autobiography, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larson.  The Steig Larson book is from a trilogy and this is the 3rd book of the series.  I do recommend it, but it's neither spiritual nor motivational...more like drama/thriller.  It is nice to delve into a fiction once in a while.

    I understand how you feel about the eating plan.  It's not easy to stick to super clean food and while I do have my pangs and cravings now and then because the good clean food are often boring.  Within the last week, I've added grounded flax seed to my oatmeal so I can get my omega-3's.  I've also made sure to get in my 6th meal because I was not feeling as energized as I should be by now.  The most frustrating thing for me right now is the non-weight change since I still have not lost any weight, even after 9 solid weeks.  I've only missed one day of cardio and probably 2 days of bad eating (one of which is my free day), so I don't know what's going on.   I'm hoping these slight changes will maybe improve things.

    I really do believe I'm doing all the right things and so I will try to be patient and just keep at it for now as I wait for the changes will come through.  Day 64 for me today.  I am fighting a cold so my body is tired--I'm still going to try to get my cardio in, but I really hate my cardio days.  Just gotta suck it up and try to get through 'em.

    Stay focused. stay strong--I'm very proud of you for finishing C1 and on a good start to completing C2.  Keep it up!

  • Hi Trace

    I think the difference this time around was the motivation i received by posting regularly on this website. I also found that the early morning workouts were not sustainable and therefor opted to workout 3hours after meal 4 instead. I journaled every day using the BFL success journal. You should get hold of one if they still make them. I bought two from a bookstore that was closing down. It gives you a lesson for life from Bill, success story and blank spaces for planning mindset, reciprocation, eating and exercise. It is a powerful tool especially for me since i do a lot of work around planning for my organisation.

    Can I suggest that you take your body fat percentage measurements. My weight never dropped dramatically but body fat % did. I am sure yours did as well.

    I am reading the "4 day win "by Martha Beck and it is giving me some good insights into my patterns of overeating. The ideas are compatible with BFL.  I have not read fiction for a while but have thought about getting the Stieg Larson Trilogy. I like political intrigue/spy thrillers and crime novels.

    I also lost a few days due to flu. Suggest that you supplement daily with VIT C 1000mg. Flax is good idea. Just watch out because it does have a bit of a laxative effect, you may want to take soft gels instead. I am taking CLA softgels now.

    You are doing well keep going and thanks for the motivation.


  • Hi Merv--just checking in real quick.  My head cold has gotten worse and I spent most of my weekend bed in bed...called in sick today too.  I didn't get to my workouts for the last two days and  felt rest was probably the better course for my body.  I think taxing it more with the workouts would only result in a bigger setback.  I really do hope the virus will work it's way through soon so that I can get back to routine.  Am sticking with the clean meals, although I'm not very hungry.  I suspect by end of this week, all should resume back to normal--hoping anyways.

    Went to Dr today and he suspects based on my history that I might have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which could be a huge underlying cause for my constant fatigue and why I haven't felt more energetic even after 9 weeks of good diet/exercise.  He is also testing to see if my thyroid is off balance.  So I will to do an overnighter at a sleep clinic where they do a bunch of measurements/monitor during your sleep and then see what's going on.  If I am not getting good REM, then I will always be low on energy. He also said that if sleep is the culprit and they can fix it, I should be able to see much better results in my weight loss since it's such a huge factor--the body needing REM sleep.    I'm just hoping we find out what's causing it and maybe then we can find a way to fix it.  It's an interesting possibility so we shall see.

    I am planning on doing body fat measurements when I start my next round.  That was one thing I did learn from C1, in that I didn't take much time/effort to do proper measurements.  In hindsight, I should have since it would have provided me with a good basis of different stats to benchmark against.  Lesson learned.  

    I do journal but not on BFL--it's more like my own private diary and I write it when I can spare time.  I'm not as tedious all the details on BFL since for the most part, my patterns are rather consistent.  I'm a creature of habit.  I think with C2, I will make more effort to write down what I eat and my workouts, for the same reasons as the measurement.  It will provide good history and can be useful to see how my progress is trending.  And I can't do early AM workouts either, so PM session like yourself has been fine.  

    I'll start adding the Vitamin C.  The laxative effect in the flaxseed is manageable.   Do you listen to audiobooks?  I have the Steig Larson Trilogy series and would be more than happy to share.  Of the 3 books, I think the last one is by far the best of the 3.   I simply love audiobooks since it helps with the commute, but holding a book is just as nice, if and when I can find the time to sit and read.  Let me know and I'll send a link over where you can download the series.  It'll be MP3 format.  Another good author is Dan Brown-Angels & Demons, Lost Symbol....I have a few of his works on audiobook too.  

  • Hi Trace

    The positive is that BFL may have assisted you in isolating possible health issues. Hope with some medical assistance you can overcome them. Don't stress too much about the few exercise days lost. Take about 3 days to ease yourself back in.

    Have read both Dan Brown books. They were good. I have not tried audio books so I would welcome you sending the link. I spend about 1h30 in traffic every morning so would welcome the distraction.

    Have some exams coming up this month so will be hitting the books everyday.

    C2 is going well and have lost a 1 kilo since Sunday which i think is due to my more discipline approach to my eating plans. Hope the trend continues.

    Get well.


  • Hey Merv--just checking in as usual.  Congrats on the weight loss.  We measure it in lbs over in America, but I think only the US does that.  Good job on the food discipline and I do believe nutrition does go much farther than exercise.  One can blow days worth of hard workouts on bad eating.  Of course we all have our setbacks now and then, but as a lifelong process, I really do think you are on the right track and will continue to do so.  Who doesn't love food though right?

    I added you as a friend so if you see that come through, please accept.  I will need an email address to send over the link to you.  I'll have the books uploaded tonite.   Deception Point is another good book by Dan Brown.  I also recommend Jim Rohn, since you're into motivational speaking as well.  

    I'm feeling stronger today so will attempt to get my workout in.  Based on my schedule, it will be upper body today and it's gonna be a good one considering I took a few days off.

    Keep up the clean eating, and hard workouts...I know you can do it!  

  • Hey Merv--how you doing so far?  I was able to get back to the gym on Weds and it felt so good to be able to push through.  Not easy after a few days off but am grateful for my health.

    Day 69 almost done.  LBWO today and I have to say I don't think I would ever enjoy lunges--yeah, I really dislike lunges.  I am certain I will be limping over the next couple days.  Free day tomorrow and I have some dinner plans with a gf.  Will probably stick to clean meals most of the day so I can enjoy a bit more come evening.  =)

    I read an article about carbs and proteins and it says that you should increase your carb intake when you need the boost of energy--like for breakfast, lunch, and post workout.  Proteins are more to build muscle mass but don't provide the immediate energy.  It makes sense and so I am going to tweak my meals so that my in between meals are higher in protein than carbs since it will not spike my sugar levels as much, which can help in weight loss.  Will try this for a few weeks to see if I will see any positive changes.

    Keep going strong and let me know how you're progressing when you can.  

  • Hi Trace

    End of a hectic week at work. Missed 1 20 minute cardio session. Sorry for late friend request acceptance. Mostly read my BFL messages on my BB and I post at the gym or at work. First opportunity.

    Day 8

    Sitting at gym now after big leg workout. I hate lunges too. Had an ankle injury when i was younger so I don't do them. i alternate between barbell deadlifts and leg curls instead.

    Our body physiologies are all different so keep experimenting till you find something that works for you. My goal is to eat so that i have enough energy to give my best effort at my workouts and lose a bit of weight at the same time. I think i am on the right track now. Just need to watch my portions and be careful with my extending my free day into the next day

    Bought the audio version of the 7 habits book on CD and will give it a try. send me the link for stieg larson to my gmail when you have a chance.

    Good to chat and wow day 69! Keep going.

  • Hi Merv--Sorry for the delay in posting.  It's been pretty hectic for me this past week.  I went a bit overboard during my girls night out on Saturday, and it totally wiped me out the following day.  I had 5 drinks total the entire evening.  I felt buzzed but wasn't drunk but somehow the food didn't sit well and just felt so sick towards the wee hour of the morning which resulted to paying homage to the porcelain god.  So, that was the beginning of Week 11 (sundays are my day 1 each week)--You know, hangover, lethargic, no energy to do much but veg and wait it out.  I am learning more and more that my body does not take well to alcohol and fatty foods, even indulging in them once in a while.  

    I did get in ubwo on Mon and yesterday ended up skipping because I just had too many things on my plate--being a single mom of 3 kids and working FT doesn't make it any easier. I have noticed since I was sick, my enthusiasm at the gym and this challenge has dropped and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps in part, I have not seen the huge changes I would have hoped to have seen by now...which is a huge motivating factor lost it seems.  And also, in part the food is quite zzzzzz, and it's just so much easier to skip the workouts, and not keep pushing.when there are so many responsibilities that I have to shoulder alone.   Nonetheless, I will be back at the gym tonite to resume since I have a few more sessions with my PT before they run out.

    Week 11 is halfway over and next week will be the last week for me.  I will start C2 on 10/23 as planned and use the prior week to plan out and make more effort on writing things down and somewhere dig deep to keep the motivation going.

    7 habits is a great book.  I read it a very long time ago, and enjoyed it.  I will email you over the link tonite for the first book with instructions.  They are in a zip file, but it's self-extracting so there's no extra special software.  I will send the remaining when I have a chance to upload the files.  

    Let me know how you're doing because I have a good feeling you're going strong!  =)  

  • Hey Merv, I was not able to find your gmail address on your profile.  Here's my email:

    Just shoot me a note from your email and I will reply with the links for the book.  

    All the best, trace

  • Hey Merv--how's the challenge coming along for you?  Just wanted to check in and hear your progress.

    I'm counting down my final days for C1.  I've recently started Zumba and I like it.  Although the session is an hour for cardio, it's dancing so it's quite fun...stairs are getting so boring.  I will plan on incorporating cardio classes into C2.  

    Hope you have a great weekend and keep going my friend!