Starting Tomorrow

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Richard, just turned 33 and feeling I ned a change and get back in to shape.

    I usd to be very fit as I was in the armed forces, but after leaving have let myself go and want to get back to how I was and should be.

    Been reading the forum so decided to take the plunge myself and give it a go.

    So stay tuned and happy training.


  • Well thats the first two days of the training done, started day one with the cardio instead of the weights  and now just finished the upper body workout.

    My cardio was ok, started at 8.5 km/h level 5 and ended up at 13.5 km/h level 10, think I can do more though so going to increase it tomorrow, should be better as yesterday it was as hot as an indian sweat shop in the gym.

    Upperbody was ok too, but cant believe how weak I am compared to what I knew I used to be able to lift

    Now time to relax as I am knackered.

  • good luck! I'm on day 70 of my first challenge. It has done amazing things for my body and my energy. Stick with it and you will be doing great!

  • Keep up the good work RAF-Ric! Look forward to seeing the 12 week results!

  • Took these before i started, so can only get better....


    Sorry for poor quality, i phone camera aint that great, will dig out my proper camera when I have made some progress.


    P.s thanks for the kind words

  • day 3 out the way, and got up to 14km/ph on treadmill which was my level 10, which after 18 mins at that point felt hard, but managed it....

    Think im gonna sleep well tonight.

  • good work raf persistence is key for this to work.. you got it..

  • Good Job, you're gonna do great!!!

  • Day 4, did the lower body workout, felt drained after doing just the squats, really take it out of you, but will be worth it.

    Cardio tomorrow, will see how well I manage with the legs tomorrow after todays workout.

    Going away friday night to london for the weekend to see the girlfriend so think I will do a seventh day of training friday am, have the sat as my day off and hope I get back on sunday to get to the gym, if not will sort something out.

    NOW time for some food!!!!  (edited No to NOW) oops

  • p.s.  

    Figured if I try and update daily, it will keep me motivated and force me to try harder for the 12 weeks as I am documentating my challenge....hope thats ok?

  • yep its ok.  you can also use your profile for journaling as well.  

    what do you mean no time for food.  planning is the key to bfl, planning what to eat and when.  and no hoping on getting to the gym sunday.  make it a priority.  heck, take the gf to the gym with you.  plan, plan and plan.

  • Slight edit to the other post, meant NOW time for some food, not

    All I think about at the moment is food so not missing a meal, can be certain of that.

  • RAf_Ric,  

    Okay , I get it now.   one letter sure makes all the difference, eh?  Keep strong.

  • Right that is the first 6 days out of the way.

    Going to do another day of cardio in morning as I said earlier im away for most of the weekend.

    Must admit though looking forward to the lie in.

    Also going to get my bodyfat measured weekly at the gym, hope its decraesed.......

  • Morning fellow BFL lovers, did the extra cardio session today as mentioned above and got my body fat measured afterwards.  At the start of the challenge it was 21.7 now it's at 20.4 so im happy with the progress so far. The hard work is paying off and not cheating on the diet is working. Can't find the printout from last week but here is today's stats

    Age 33

    Weight 13st 1.0 lb

    Bmi 27.0   Added this but think the whole idea is rubbish muscle etc aint taken in to account

    Fat 20.3%

    Fat mass 2 st 9.2 lbs

    Fat free mass 10st 5.8lbs

    So hopefully next week there will be another decrease in the body fat and increase in fat free mass

    Feel great today after seeing the results and feel even more motivated now

    Keep up with the good work everyone and stay tuned!!

    P.s. The pizza tomorrow is going to taste so so nice ;0)