Finally, after 11 years of trying, I did it!!

  • It's my pleasure to share Wiley12!

    I am realizing that completing the Body 4 Life challenge is truly a launching pad for all manner of successes in my life.  And those successes come from first make a choice and a commitment to

    finish!  But as some others have posted, it only starts here.  I really wasn't accomplishing ANY of my goals and dreams, so I committed to this ONE.  And now I am ready for the next.

    I have set some new goals and made some new commitments regarding my fitness, my career and my

    relationships.  Knowing that I completed Body 4 Life gives me great confidence that I can achieve these new goals as well.  So made 3 new commitments in my life that I will pursue over the next 10 weeks.

    I know I can do it, because I've tasted great personal success at last!

  • I havent read all the replies yet, but WAY TO GO!!!  on completing!!!!   That is just great and I got goose bumps reading about it!!

  • Way to go and Congratulations on finishing the program and attaining that goal which you have sought for soooo long. Wait until you get the certificate in the mail after sending in the packet,  that's also a great moment and one to show everyone you know as well. You should be very proud of this accomplishment, regardless of wether you win in the big contest , you are still a winner!!!

  • Thanks!

    Everyone needs support and a great community like this to push them toward success.  My Life Mastery Training community has been key to getting focused and moving toward success!

    Here's the link if anyone is interested:

    Keep at it friends :)


  • Ruby how are you coming along in the challenge so far??  I hope you were are coming along as planned.  

  • Jeremy-


      This is a beautiful story!  So many of us have tried things in our lives only to fail over and over again.  Having now succeeded, you most likely will be able to conquer anything!  Keeping promises to yourself are often so difficult.  Sounds like you put yourself #1....right where ytou belong.

    P.S.  I just finished week 4.  I tried this last year as well, only to quit at week 8.  I'll use your story as a reminder to keep on truckin.'  Thanks!

    May God Bless YOU!!


  • Congratulations. Keep up the good work!!

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