Finally, after 11 years of trying, I did it!!

  • For the past 11 years, beginning in 1999, I have set out to complete the Body For Life program.   After dozens of unsuccessful attempts, I began to feel disheartened, and this goal began to feel synonymous with all personal successes in my life.  All manner of excuses came up each time I got a few weeks into the program: too little sleep, illness, long work hours, laziness, vacation, visitors, self-sabotage, etc.  Over and over again, I failed, only once making it to week 8 of 12 total.    I look back on my journals over the years, and I see the tears and frustration in failing to attain my own personal and important goals with this program.  I figured, “I can’t always control what jobs I get hired in, but I CAN control what I eat and how I exercise, why can’t I do this?!! AHHHH!!”  It has been a source of occasional depression and feeling of lack in my life.

    With the help of a very supportive community and restructuring my top priorities to include only 2 (Body for Life and Daily Meditation),  I am on the other side!  I have finished the 12 week Body For Life program, skipping nothing, skimping nowhere.  I have had a truly remarkable success, have transformed my physique.    I feel so high right now.  I feel so successful right now, and have a new taste of mastery, and a massive wave of personal confidence.

    After only 4 hours of sleep between work shifts, I went for my final workout this past Sunday.  Tears ran down my face as I finished.  I did it.   I made really big personal commitments in my life, and I achieved them at long last.  I’ve put in place new healthy patterns, and I am ready for new commitments and new successes that are out there for me.

    This truly is a great day of success for me.   I’ve never felt this before, and I am so very grateful for Body 4 Life, and my community that helped me achieve this more than 11 year goal!  woohoo!!!


  • Hi Jeremy,

    It's posts like these that keep me going from week to week. My week 5 ends tomorrow. I have felt the wind leaving my sails the whole week, and was afraid of quitting. BFL IS a challenge! But reading yours I felt my spirit is so elevated I want week 6 to start right away.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Keep at it!  You can do it.  it starts with the choice, then the commitment, but seriously, you must prioritize and make it important to you.  This year, I had TONS of things I wanted to accomplish, but I kept them in my mind, and wrote down only 2.   I returned every day to those 2 things, and every day accomplished those 2 things.  The other goals, sure, I accomplished some, and didn't others, but those TWO, at all costs I was gonna make it!  Body for Life was my #1, and at long last I did it.  Now I KNOW I can list another #1, and I can do that too.   Keep me posted on your progress. I'm rooting for you!


  •     Jeremy Congratulations!!!

    Like you it took me a little over 10 years and 2 failed attempts before i finally got my head on straight and finished it through till the end.. On my last day i went for an open ocean swim I felt like I was finally washing away all the self doubt and skepticism I have been holding on to all these years..I am soo happy to read your story. Nothing feels greater than setting a goal and seeing it through Im on week 11 of my second challenge.. Looking forward to finishing this as well. Treat yourself to somthing nice man you certainly deserve it.. Much aloha.. kaina  

  • Thank you Kaina! That's awesome to hear.  And yes, treating myself.  Key West here i come :)

  • I too have been in that rut. What I keep telling myself could not run 1/8 of a mile at 23 and now have 3 kids and have run a 1/20 marathon. I have been running over 3 years. I can do this too!!!! I need to not be perfect but realistic. :) Congrats too you. Being fit feels amazing. The looks in the gym don't hurt either.


  • That's really good stuff Carrie!  I was encouraged by a great article recently in Outdoors magazine that talked about parents taking kids on your adventures, hiking, exercising, etc.   My mom, a multi-marathon runner, just finished a mini-triatholon this year, is beginning piano lessons, and stepping into her first tap dance class.  What an inspiration.

    My uncle also had this great advice:

    If you are 40, and you want to be a doctor, but you say to yourself, "ya, but that takes 5 years," then I ask you this... How old will you be in 5 years?  No matter what you do, you will be 5 years older, so do what you love for yourself and achieve those things in those 5 years.  Make the most of it!

    And finally, my personal mantra is a quote I heard recently:

    "The hardest thing to realize is that our 'someday' is right now!"

    Finishing Body 4 Life was a real move toward Living in the NOW and achieving today what I had always put off for 'someday.'

    Keep at it Carrie, and thanks for sharing :)


  • "Tears ran down my face as I finished.  I did it.   I made really big personal commitments in my life, and I achieved them at long last."

    THAT Jeremy is an amazing personal accomplishment. What a joy to read your post. Congratulations.

  • Absolutely Jeremy, I am almost 36. It's time to get on with the NOW!!!! I want to be the mom who inspires my kids and shows them no road block is too big!!!

  • Congratulations!!!

  • I am so proud of you, Jeremy! I am trying again... I've SAID I would do many many times in the past (almost 4 years...) But, I only completed once on 2008. Now, I am back to this BFL program since I know it worked in the past. This is my 3rd week and I have had hard time to follow my MEAL PLAN but... I feel encouraged by your journal that I MUST persevere & keep trying.


    I'll try to stick to my MEAL PLAN as well.

    Can I have my FREE DAY divided into several meals throughout the week? i.e.) special dinners with my spouse... I want to cheat!

  • And i love the quote you included.  Thank you!

  • LEGS, thank you so much.  I know this is a major event for me, and I am fully expecting great things ahead, as I make new commitments and achieve great successes.  Thanks again!

  • WINNER2011, thanks for your honesty in sharing!

    The meals are really important.    I think one of the really key issues with my own success was discussing Body 4 Life with my girlfriend.  I told her how significant completing BFL was to me, how I needed to succeed at this, for my own sake, but that ultimately, I felt it would improve our own relationship, for the simple idea of making a commitment and keeping it, "in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, etc"  

    So we discussed meals together.  We decided when my free day be (a day that would work for both of us, and could be changed if necessary), and that those free days would be really special with our meals together.  And then, she became my motivator with other meals.  3 meals for me were replacements (shakes and bars), 2 were on my own, and 1 meal was for us whenever we could.  There are plenty of things to enjoy together on the BFL list.  Share them with your loved one, and realize, it's only 12  weeks, not forever.  And if you have a "special dinner" you can't miss, remember, YOU are in control of what you feed yourself.  Choose your portions, allow them dessert and only take a bite, etc.  

    You CAN do it.  I've never felt greater success, ever.  And my girlfriend, she sees my new confidence,

    and in just 12 weeks, a lot more improved that just my body!! :)

    Make the choice, commit to it, share that commitment with your loved one, then do it!

    You can do it!!


    I'm 36 too!  What an opportunity you have to show them how awesome and important eating and fitness can be to them.  But not only that, you are showing them the importance of setting a goal, making a commitment, and then achieving your goals!  That's HUGE!!  I would definitely be sharing Body For Life with your kids, let them see your success, realize your challenges, and be motivated that you keep going, despite when the odds feel stacked against you.   You are setting a path for their future success by showing them your own personal success.  Take it very seriously.   My mom gave me SUCH a gift by teaching me the value of fitness and eating right.  It took me until now to fully own it for myself, but that was my journey.  

    "Careful the things you say, children will listen, careful the things you do, children will learn."  - Stephen Sondheim