Anyone else's experience would be really appreciated : )

  • Hi,


    I just started week 6 this week, no workout missed and really clean eating.  I started at 80kg's and now only 77.1kg's, not very impressed by that.  Nobody has made any coment to me about looking slimmer and i certainly don't see it or feel it : ( my clothes don't feel any different either.  This has been blood, sweat and tears - lol... is this normal?? im early 30's if that helps any??

    A couple questions for those that have the know..

    1. It feels like im on fire when im doing leg extension but not leg press? does this mean leg extention is more effective? i find it hard to push the leg press, but it doesnt really burn.

    2. It also feels like im on fire when doing seated calf raises, but when i do them on the leg press machine, again it doesnt burn like hell but hard to press, so again, does that mean seated calf raise is more effective? (thats putting my feet on end of foot thing and pushing up from the balls of my feet)


    Thanks all, you all rock!

  • Spinney - (love the name btw) ;)

    You and countless others - COUNTLESS, come to week 6 and just give up. These middle weeks are where you need to dig deep and recommit to the rest of the challenge. This far in, you have started to build up your foundation. A foundation that will be built on now - for the next 6 weeks.

    Your body needed time to get used to what you were doing to it, and think about how to utililize and process all the clean foods. It needed weeks to start the process of rebuilding and repairing your muscles.

    So you think you are hitting your 10's? I bet you can do better. Dont settle, keep pushing and stay UNCOMFORTABLE with your workouts.

    I am not a pro with the machines, however I think I can help a bit. Be safe on the leg extensions as they can injure your knees if you over-extend. For the press, you are engaging more muscles, and that is why they seem "easier". Try putting your heels a bit higher on the plate and really focus on pushing through your heels. If you do it correctly, your hams and butt will be on fire. Also, by doing your reps quickly for a change, that will burn too. Hold at the top of the press and squeeze.

    So many people just go through the motions and use momentum for their lifts. Next time you get on that machine - own it. Each rep is yours.

    With calf raises, same thing ... speed up your reps and hold at the top to squeeze that muscle. I sometimes do about 10 reps fast, then 5 slow and repeat until I cant stand it. Then I do another set. The press and the sitted calf machines work the muscles a bit different and I believe both are valuable to shape the leg. It has definately helped my calves.

    Keep your promise to yourself. This week is big.

    This week will make or break your challenge.

    I hope this helps. :)

  • haha its my family given, terrible nickname - lol..

    Thanks heaps for that, it really helps.  I have never intended to give up but was getting a little worried i wont see much at the end of 12 weeks and with people waiting to see results, i don't want to not look great.  My goal is 9 - 12 kg loss by the end of it.

    I'm not always sure what my 10 is, but im pulling faces and do the same on my cardio days, i generally drop after running - funny sight!

    Thanks again, really helpfull!!! : )

  • Here is a repost from one of the Coffee Crew guys - it's a keeper.

    "I have been thinking about the rep sequence of 12, 10, 8, 6, 12 , 12. A pyramid (decreasing reps increasing weight) ending in a super set. It is amazing and works! However, this sequence is not intrinsically magical. The key is the level of intensity an individual brings to every set and each and every rep. The key is finding that amazing place where perceived failure and maximum intensity collide and hitting a true 10.

    It is not enough to go through the motions and simply complete the required repetitions of 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, 12. It is up to the individual to find their limit and then go beyond it – well beyond it.  Hard breathing, sweat, burning muscles, your mind telling you your done, getting in all the required reps – none of these necessarily equals a 10. To me, if you want BFL results, hitting your 10s is crucial.

    Two things about hitting 10s. First, I think for the most part when you think you have hit a 10 you haven’t. Not to be negative but the mind plays dirty tricks on us. The truth is we are all capable of so much more than we think we are. Most likely what we think is a 10 is closer to a 9. Still an excellent effort but we can lift more. Secondly, we don’t hit 10s with every exercise every time, but that is okay. I don’t always get 12 reps on the final set. Honestly, I purposely set myself up not to and try and prove myself wrong. If I get all 12 reps it is time to up the weight.

    What I aim for on the final set is this: By the 4th rep my muscles should be burning. Thoughts I may have too much weight try and creep into my head. I ignore them and keep going. By the 7th or 8th rep every fibre of my being is telling me to stop. My mind tries to tell me its ok I have done enough, I am there.  I press on. By the 10th rep my muscles are done for. This is where you want to be. This is where the mind, that deep inner strength we all posses, comes in to play. It is hard to explain but you don’t lift with your muscles. You lift with grit, determination, resolve and commitment; you lift because you want to shatter your self erected limitations; you lift because you know you are capable of more.

    I know this is a fine line. It takes practice and focus to get to that place where a true 10 is possible. I have hit the 5th rep and been unable to lift more. Obviously I had too much weight. I have hit 12 and pushed out 3 or 4 more. Too little weight. But that is okay. Keep track of your workouts and the weights you use (I use the BFL Success Journal and highly recommend it) and you will find that place more and more often, hit your 10s and see amazing BFL results!"


  • Cheers heaps! im damn sore afterward, but your right im sure i can push harder.  If i could yell during my sessions, i could do so much more, but then i would prob get thrown outta the gym for grunting noises - hahahaha

  • Spinney,  

    As usual Legs has great insight and information.  I can only add that if you aren't grunting you aren't working hard enough.  (just my little pet theory)  I grunt, and sometimes really loud.  And though I have had a couple comments, all good natured, I certainly have not been kicked out.   I have even sworn at the end, because when I hit my ten, it hurt so darn much.  So be vocal, its a gym, sweat, loud noises, breathing hard, its all part of it.  

    Grunt or yell away

  • 1. You need to be doing squats and deadlifts instead of leg extensions and leg presses. Presses are ok, but they do not put the demand on the body that squats will, not to mention the amount of calories you will be burning is much higher on squats than leg ext.

    2. The reason you are feeling differetly when doin your calves is because of the angle that you are working your muscle.

  • Charlie, just a note of caution, not everyone can do deadlifts.  I have to be careful of that one exercise because of prior back surgery, but I can do everything else.  Not everyone can do everything.  Guess your words "you need to..." struck a note with me.

  • you can still do them as long  as your form is correct. Start out light and progress.

  • firesong - Go with what your doctor advises.  Can you do walking lunges?  Also, remember that deadlifts are an exercise for the hamstrings and not quads.  The question originally posed was about quad exercises so I wanted to make sure.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica,  oh yes I do lunges, walking lunges, squats and leg press and calf raises.  I just can't do the dead lifts.   And I am ok with that.  Lots of other choices, which was my original point to Charlie.  And absolutely I follow my doctors orders.  Thanks

  • Lunges and deadlifts are both for hamstrings and I personally think lunges are more difficult.  You are working it and working around what would keep most people down.  There are many choices, you are right.  There are some staples in each category, but enough options to work around almost anything.  Keep it up!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Isnt that funny, i find lunges so so so hard, and they kick my quads butt, but not so much in the hamstrings

  • Push from your heels on the lead leg Spinney.


    Same with deadlifts - heels should be lifting that weight up.