Week 3

  • Well I am coming to the end of week three and starting to feel how tuff this is going to get. But i know that once i get home in 7days time from being offshore in Angola west Africa i will be able to make my own food, use my gym and have my supplements available to me.

    I have just run out of protein powder and having to get protein food like fish for my tea breaks is difficult out here but will push on and make a plan. I am starting to feel my energy levels rising and my focus is greater for the success of these 12 weeks and the future.

    I think that i have lost 6-7 Kg's in these first three weeks but will know for sure once i am on solid ground back home.

    Keep on going every one that is doing this awesome challenge and remember it is all in your head.

    Jonny V

  • Sorry to digress but how do locals get their protein apart from fish?

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I use protein drinks myself to get the extra amount I can't get from the food