Here we go Challenge 2, Challenge Buddies

  • Starting Challenge 2 tomorrow morning.  Challenge Buddys coming along?  Old and new ones welcome.  Challenge 1 was a great success and I know Challenge 2 can bring even greater results.  

    Come on!!    Let's get this party started!!

  • hi! im on challenge 1 but I was wondering if I could join your group? Im in desperate need of support

  • I started today.  Second time for me with 10 years in  the middle.  I am 45 and active.  I need to loss about 20lbs.  Firm up and get back to running without giggling.  The food part will be my first challange.  I have a sweet tooth or actually teeth.  I think it is more than one.  Here we go....

  • mell, love to have you along.  and we are all in need of support.  its a great journey.  welcome.

  • i did the program around ten years ago too.  and was successful.  Not sure why it took me so long to get back to it but this time I had great success in C1 ending a couple weeks ago.  Looking forward to the same or better success this time.  


  • firesong,

    im back :)

    can't wait to do challenge 2 with you.

    sbalmes and mell- welcome :)

    I finished challenge 1 with firesong and I am excited to take my second one with some new friends as well :)

    i hope everyone finishes what they start and stay strong till the end.

  • Ah mads, its great to have you around.  i thought for sure our other friends would come along.  Week 1 of C2 has proved trying due to outside influences, and I had to juggle freeday, for eating and working out to make it all work, but I think I have.  

    Hows things going with you?

  • Hey everyone,

    How is everyone doing?

    I haven't missed any workouts yet and i have been eating clean for the most part.

    I haven't felt as good as I did last challenge but its still the beginning.

    However summer is coming too fast for my body.

  • I'm always around somewhere Firesong.............

  • how is everyone doing?

  • Hey guys, I am over on Team Triumph and start week 11 on Sunday.  We have had amazing results but I am so anxious to take a break.  We have decided to take a 2 week break.  

    I noticed that a few of you have completed prior challenges.  How long did you wait in between?  Did you exercise during your time off and what did you eat?

    If it wasn't for vacation and sheer exhastion we would just move from one challenge to the next.  We have both lost 30 pounds and feel incredible and we don't want to lose momentum.

    Thanks for any insight.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Hey, firesong and mads! Sorry it's taken me so long to join this thread; I've been bombarded with schoolwork.

    I've cut my 6 days of healthy living per week into 3-day accountability periods; I weigh myself and I go to the supermarket at the start of my 3 days, I give myself stickers for every day I work out (when I work out, my eating is in line with the plan), I give myself $3 for every 3 days I do in a row... It's been working for me: I did 6 days in a row last week of clean eating, working out intensely, and drinking plenty of water.

    It was my 2nd day of taking lecithin; I have a condition called fatty liver, and lecithin is supposed to be good for that. But I'm not going to take it anymore; one of the side effects, in some cases, is weight gain, and I seem to be one since I've been on target and gained 1/4 pound.

    Anyway, hope you are all having a GREAT weight loss journey today!


    "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." 3 John 2 (New Living Translation)

  • hey firesong just wanted to show some aloha here and some support on you starting c2 way to go! Im just finishing up week 8 for my c2 and still making progress :-) Sunberry glad to see you staying active and i like the system you got going there. Cant wait to read about the progress.. keep it up everyone much aloha.. :-).

  • pixie,

    i took three weeks off between challenge 1 and challenge 2.  The first two weeks I still ate clean, just didn't watch the 6 meals a day, and didn't count how much I was eating.  I still lost weight those weeks.  My third week was a different story, I was travelling and drank and ate a lot. Exercised about 4 of the 8 days gone, and put on a few pounds.  But that was all planned.  Got back into Challenge 2 as soon as I came back.  

    Losing momentum is certainly a fear I can relate to, but found everything was all right.  Except that I felt a bit lost in the gym, not having my structure that first week off.  But it worked out.  Swam, went to zumba classes etc etc, and just had fun.  

    Now back into it, I still like the structure and one thing BFL does for me is makes me work out when I may not when not on the program.  And even when tired, once I am half way through my workout I am energized.  So in summary I would say, enjoy your rest time.  Your body really can use it, and don't worry and get all guilted up.  Enjoy your self.   And good luck.

  • Sunberry,  Glad you are with us again.  Sorry I have not been as active.  Just finished up week 2 of C2, and doing pretty good.  My cardio is improving greatly after active rest, and my ubwo is coming along.  my lbwo is a bit slower.  I have experienced a few more life interruptions into my program this time already, but still working like a monster in the gym.

    My weakness, drinking enough water.  

    Never heard of your condition, hope you not taking lecithin doesn't do you harm.  And sounds like you have found your motivator.  Keep going strong.