Travel and BFL

  • Hi!

    I have started this program and I have pretty good initial sucess.  Invariably I end having a hard time with the food and meals.  My biggest problem is that I am a pilot who is often flying international on odd schedules and finding myself in strange foriegn lands with strange (and delicious) foods.  

    Working out is not a problem, most hotels have an aceptable gym, I carry bands and do P90EX workouts when there is nothing. 

    Does anyone have an odd scheule like this and have any pointers about travel and eating out at resturants every meal? 




  • I don't travel constantly as you do, but still, fairly frequently.  I just returned from Ethiopia where I stayed for 2 weeks, almost completely dependent on eating out. Now, I was able to go shopping for SOME fruits and veg so that was great, but menu "decoding" was tough. The main restaurants available were Ethiopian and Italian food. First, I had to get good at asking the front desk at the hotel to help me translate what I wanted-because I frequently had to ask for things cooked in special ways (no oil, etc).  Second, I would order a clear broth soup to start (so many good choices at Italian restaurants for this), then I just looked for the leanest meat on the menu.  Now, I didn't go for fish in Ethiopia-its landlocked and I was SO NOT risking it-but that would always be my first choice on a take out menu as its usually poached, baked etc.  I was surprised to find that the "clean" foods were often the tastiest dishes. I found that if I gave in to pasta Alfredo I reallllly felt sick afterwards.  The final thing I did that kept me successful while traveling was to take some protein bar/meal replacements with me.  I really like the Myoplex Lite bars.  I hope this is of some help!  I know that it can be challenging but I am sure you will conquer it!

  • First, COMMIT. You have to commit that no matter how your will power wavers at the sight of an authentic italian pizza, you will feed your body with clean foods only. Rome wasn't built in a day, so there pizza isn't going anywhere anytime soon either. Only you are in control of what food you put in your body no matter how much it seems that the gelato "made" you do it! The commitment part for me is the hardest because I often rationalize that I can relax because it is a special occasion or I want to try the local delights that are not usually available at home.

    Second, plan, plan, plan. Try to plan in advance for what food options you will have and how you will navigate sticky situations. Bring bars and shakes for quick and easy substitutions when there is no other option. If you can, bring a small cooler and stock it ahead of times with the meals you will need.

  • I travel a lot for work all over the world.  I can usually bring protein bars that helps in a pinch but obviously can't live off of protein bars.   I also have noticed that many hotel restaurants will bring you chicken breast and veggies even if its not on the menu.  I've also noticed internationally that if you practice moderation, you'll be fine.  Portions tend to be reasonable in size and I get food as plain as possible (without heavy sauces) and focus on vegetables and fruit. I often order the dishes with the fewest ingredients possible.   The key is to not over indulge and stay away from desserts. I also have bigger breakfasts since all hotels have eggs and fruit and then offset by having smaller dinners.  I find a good breakfast takes the hunger for a long long time.  And don't forget to drink water which is important for weight loss but also jet lag.