Starting Monday May 16

  • Hey Yall,

    Just checking in. So far I'm down 4 lbs. I'm leaving on vacation to Florida on Sunday & returning Wednesday. The hotel has a gym & I'm writing down a grocery list of healthy food choices to take on the trip.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Well it's day 34 tomorrow??  My basement has been taken over by a bowflex that doesn't about getting ripped I have to find a truck to return it or the previous owner won't take it back.  ugh.  I'm thinking of getting a gym membership for the next three months...I really like the leg press machine, which is too expensive and wouldn't fit downstairs anyway haha.  I notice no posts from anyone since the 3rd.  Hope you are all doing well!

  • Hi Aces32!  Bummer about the Bowflex, that sucks!!  :(  Hope you're able to work it out and get it back to the original owner.  

    There's more activity on the thread over here:

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.