Weight loss plateau

  • I have been on a plateau for the last 3 and 1/2 weeks,   I loss 2 then gain 2. I am on week 8 and thought I would start lossing this week. Called the number on the web site and they said  my eating and exerciseing  are where they need to be. Getting a little frustrated. Dose anyone know how to move past this plateau?

  • Without known specifics, we could only guess.  Give an detailed list of your meals, including anything you put on the stuff as far as cheeses or sauces goes etc.   Exercises if you feel you are hitting your 9's and 10's nothing can be done as far as that goes.  Then some idea of where you are weight wise, where you're trying to get etc etc.  Then folks will give you opinions...

  • my diet

    1.  3 egg whites,  2  slices weight watchers whole wheat toas,t witha  little light butter

    2 Myoplex light shake

    3. cottage cheese 1/2 cup,  1 weight wathers string cheese, and 5 hole wheat crackers

    4 myoplex shake

    5. turky burger 4 oz  and brown rice

    6 cottage cheese, 1/2 cup string cheese, and 5 whole wheat crackers

    I do my weights and cardo and I am hitting my  9 and 10

    I also do spinning 3x a week

    I am 5,8 and my start weight was  183.  I now  fluxuates between 174 and 172

    Gole 155.

  • First of all, are you going down in inches at all? If so, I wouldn't worry about the scale. I had a few weeks in my challenge where the scale and measurements did not seem to go down, but my arms and legs felt noticibly tighter. Then things started shrinking again. If you are not seeing any improvement then here is my 2 cents worth...Not knowing the calorie content of all of those items, you may actually need to add a few extra calories. I remember a trainer advising me years ago to add 100-200 extra calories a day when I hit a plateau. I was afraid to try it, but it worked and got the scale going down again. Of course, you can also try the opposite and reduce calories, but from what you wrote, it looks like you are probably already around 1200 calories a day and you don't want to go below that. Also, take a look at your free day. Some people say it is hard to consume an extra 3,500 calories in one day, but obviously they haven't met me! lol. If you tend to go crazy on free day, try a couple weeks where you limit it to a free snack and see if that helps.

  • . Thank you for your encouragement,  I am willing to try anything.

  • Lisa:

    Try to balance out your carbs/proteins to be about 20 grams each, if they are items difficult to measure with fist/palm method.

    Meal 1:  Maybe cut this back to 1 slice bread; how many carbs in one slice?

    Meal 2:  Good

    Meal 3:  I think you may be eating too much cheese & possibly crackers.  A good replacment would be cottage cheese & fruit

    Meal 4:  OK, but real food might be better here, and then have a light shake closer to bedtime.

    Meal 5:  Good, if ratios are right.  Where are your veggies?

    Meal 6:  See meal 3 notes.  This would be a good place for that protein shake, or some greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit.

    I see a lack of fruits/veggies, so you may want to incorporate those in there; they are dense and help fill you up for longer, and they are just good for you.  Are you drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of sleep?  How are your free days? Free for alls?  I didn't see noticeable changes until weeks 8-12, so hang in there.

    Best wishes.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • In the weight watchers bread the serving size is 2 slices and it has 16 gm of carbs and the egg whites have 6 gm of protin each I think.

    I  definitely need to eat more fruit and veggies.  For my  last free day I had  half a bagle with cream cheese and a frappuccino, Lunch I had half of a stake calzone, and for dinner I had a happy meal. Maybe I need to cut back on my free day. I will try that this week. :)

    Thank you for the advice. :)

  • I wouldnt change your free day.  You arent going hog wild from what I can tell.  You arent sitting down and eating a whole cake or anything,  but if you dont crave it and can skip some of the stuff, then try it..