Week 8, Day 50... is this good so far?

  • hey guys,

    so i couldn't wait anymore i had to get my measurements, weight and body fat checked.

    this is the results from day one to now:

    have lost 4 inches (total), lost 6 pounds, and decreased body fat by 1.4%.

    it just doesn't seem like that much to me! i was horrified to see no change at all in my hips or waist... but my jeans fit better so i'm really confused. i know i have to stick with it, with 5 weeks left, but wow do i ever feel like i'm going full steam ahead toward a giant question mark.


  • J-

    we are in the same boat!(and same day of challenge) I started out gaining almost 10 lbs, but am slowly feeling like I've lost a little size, my shape sure is different, I know the gain was alot of muscle cuz I can feel them and know I am stronger. I don't bother with the scale anymore, I feel so good at the progress I've made...if I never lose a pound I'd still be thrilled.  K


  • I think I am on the same date as you two... I don't have my current numbers but will at the end of Week 8... I lost 5.25 inches in my first 4 weeks, 2 lbs and about 1% of body fat...3 of the inches were in my waist, 3/4 in my upper arms, 1/2 in my hips... etc.

    I can tell I am losing fat as I am fitting into smaller clothes and getting compliments now. Keep the faith and keep going!

    I do need to rest more than I like. I wonder if this is AGE or what??? My mind wants to keep my body moving but my body won't budge. I have to rest!

  • You just wait until you hit the last couple to few weeks.  Ridiculous changes...everything you've worked so hard for all of a sudden comes together.

    all of a sudden, the muscle hiding under the body fat, isn't hiding anymore.

  • Thanks, Armster!

    I haven't done ab workouts the way I should have so my abs might not show until my next challenge but i do see 'something' starting to peek out. Have to burn more fat. Having had 6 wonderful children does leave 'clues' when you haven't worked your abs properly for years!  :-)

    I havne't done the focused ab work in the BFL book but I have done stretching and ab exercises  from time to time.

  • Hardest muscle to form next to building up calf muscles imo. Lean body mass will get you there and we all know how to that - it's what we strive for everyday.

  • thanks for the encouraging words armster!

    and to the girls who are on the same day as me..... frickin hell, lets keep this goin!!!!!!! :D

  • You go girls!!!!!