Super, super sore and overtired

  • Well, today is C1W8D1 and I changed my workout. I did standing leg squats with 80#'s for my  high point. Instead of laying leg curls for my hamstrings, I did lunges again with high point of 25#'s for the 6's and then 20's in each hand for the 12 high points. I ended with doing Hungarian Deadlifts with 25#'s in each hand. For calves, my high point was 35 #'s in each hand.


    I am so sore and tired and can't believe I was affected this way. i have done workouts like this before. Is it because I am in Week 8? I don't understand why I am so wiped out today...I even gave in and had a bit of cheese and some pasta as I was so ravenous I could hardly stand it.

  • By the way,my fat is shrinking and my muffin tops are disappearing! :-)

  • Congrats, good for you. This is my 3rd week and my muffin tops are also disappearing... abit, but I can tell it's getting smaller around my waist... .but of course still a long way to go. I'm very tired too. I haven't done much of weight machine, mostly squad, lunges and plie at home with weights up to 12lb only. You seem to use really heavy weights.


  • I am starting my third week, 7th day challenge.

    And, yes, I am eating the 6 meals a day, and find around 6 to 7 pm - I am famished.

    I found it hard to stick to my portion size - so will cheat w/ the protein portion.

    Sticking to the portion sizes will allow the stomach to shrink, which is good motivation to be good.

    I played racquetball today, and upper abs. I will be doing spinning class for my aerobic day after tomorrow.

    I do abs every day, but work upper abs one day, lower abs the next, and right and left obliques the following day - then rest abs for a day.

    You may be building some muscle mass right now.

    This is an exciting time because, your body chemistry is making changes - and your transformation is under way!

    Keep rockin, Girl!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Thanks for the responses, everyone! As I was falling asleep last night, I suddenly realized one reason I was extra famished last night: I had carried 20 boxes of children's books to my car!!  

    Yes, I sell Usborne children's books and took down a 'book fair' from a preschool. Normally, I use a small dolly but I felt so strong and the boxes weren't 'that heavy' so I just carried them from the school to my van, parked outside. Not a big deal at all... But maybe I used up my cardio fuel!!

    Live and LEARN!!!

  • Congrats on doing so well on your challenge!!  I'm (somewhat) in the same boat as you today is C2W1D2!  My first weight workout was yesterday and I am hurting today!  Thats a good thing right? Means you worked out hard I think.  Good luck with those weights!

  • Squats with 80 pound weights??? Man, am I slacking!!! I can do 2 20#  weights, but I really need to "get in there"!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy, what week are you in? I am in week 8. I was doing those leg presses where I push the weights away from me but I am changing things up so my muscles will be confused. They are more than confused; they are ANGRY! They are complaining and talking back and chattering all the live-long day! Man oh man! They really should be more respectful of what I am trying to do for them!

    They are just acting like immature children. They don't understand that what I am doing is in their best interest. Ah! they are teenagers! Yes... this is why they mouth off all the time! They think they know more than I do! hmmm Well... I don't need to explain anything to them. They will learn with time.


  • I did lunges this morning.  I am in week 3, day 3.  Lunges always wipe me out.  Plus, upping the weight probably shocked your body, in a good way.  I would say get extra rest tonight if you can and move on to that wonderful cardio tomorrow.  I'm sure you will feel better in the am.  :)  

  • haha! Yes, would you believe I am STILL feeling the results of that LBWO and the cardio the next day? AND TODAY, I had a killer UBWO so my WHOLE BODY is sore! I can only imagine what it is building inside!! Measurements Sunday or Monday and can hardly wait... C1W8D3 today. May 16th, here I come...