• I want to succeed so badly on BFL but I do well for about half the week then lose it. How can I keep motivated and going?? I don't hate the food or the workouts (for the most part :))  I am so sick of letting myself down and making excuses. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated.

  • I've been on BFL for 3 weeks but a REALLY half a@# 3 weeks.

  • And, I have been really fit before and remember vividly how great I felt (and looked). What is wrong with me now??

  • it's not easy but you gotta make the conscious decision and remind yourself daily why you decided to take the challenge.. if you got any old photos of yourself when you were your old self keep it on you so when you are feeling down or weak look at it to  remind yourself that's the reason why you are doing this we all have are slip ups but as many others have stated here, isolate and move forward.. It's never too late to give it your all .. you got 9 more weeks to go you can do it i myself have 2 left after this week I had more than my fair share of slips but you just keep going.. you can do it!!

  • Have you read the book?  I know I sound like a broken record, but Bill gives you some great motivation and ideas how to set goals for yourself to keep you motivated.  

  • Are you keeping a journal? Have you written out your goals? If not, do so today, and reread them every morning. Post them on the bathroom mirror, fridge and cabinet doors. Use your journal to record what is going on and how you feel, particularly midweek when your motivation crumbles.

    Basically it comes down to what is more important to you - instant gratification or long-term fitness and health. Sometimes the instant gratification is going to win, particularly at the beginning, but if you keep consciously asking yourself that question instead of mindlessly indulging, you will see a trend toward wanting health and fitness more.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Oh, I forgot to ask, what kinds of slip ups are we talking here - poor diet choices or skipped workouts?

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • IronKat..just breath! Everyone has slip ups , or things don't go the way you plan them too. Remember it's not what you do some of the time it's what you are doing most of the time. Plan your days, keep your self busy, drink your water go for walks if you are feeling like you are going to munch out. Take  a moment to breath, and know that the feeling will pass, it is just your old habits popping in wanting to be fed, and your not going to cause you are strong, and you can do this! The changes don't happen over night it will take time. I am going in to week 10 now, and certainly had my struggles int he first few weeks. But I marched on and over came them cause I wanted this, and I deserve this! I have to date lost almost 20lbs, and am getting into amazing shape! Stick with it! Dig deep!

  • Thanks for the replies. All great info. and I'm going to do it all. I really need the support. Saralynn, it's mostly diet slip ups. I've decided that food is such a social thing that it is hard to not eat when someone brings something to work, you are invited to dinner at someone's house, etc. This is where I struggle the most.