Week 3- In Need of Help & Motivation

  • I am from Australia and decided to start my challenge 3 weeks ago (began 11th Feb 2011) in order to get my body in order for a big summer trip to Europe leaving May 31st. I am lucky in a sense as I have a trainer helping me through it as she knows the program well and is taking measurements etc. I am taking my first progress measurements next Friday 11th March so 1 month to the day but I am quite nervous and am after some help and motivation to keep me on track.

    To help give you an idea about me- I am Female, 21 years old- 5ft 3 inch and 55.4kgs or 121.9 lbs, 24.8% Body Fat

    I have followed the diet quite well so far - minor slip ups here and there as I get used to 6 meals a day.  But I have a number of questions as I am worried about not seeing results! I am so determined to succeed that I beat myself up if make a mistake. Can you guys help me with some answers I need for motivation? I have so many questions but these are the main ones at the moment.

    1. I sometimes feel as though I am not working hard enough during my weights session, can anyone explain how I should feel after each session?

    2. I have been craving sugar how do i curb this?

    3. When did you start seeing results (I really need to tone and lose a couple of pounds/body fat) and feel that i might not be losing much - next weeks progress session will confirm or deny this.

    4. How do you all stay motivated- i thought that the gym part would be the hardest but it is actually the Eating for me. Any tips?

    5. I am struggling to stomach protein shakes, currently using Gold Standard strawberry and have so much left so would like to get through it any tips on how to make it more appetizing?

    I would really appreciate anyone's help! Everyone is so inspirational so it's helping me stay focused on my goal! Thanks!!

  • 1) Weights should get to the point of muscle failure, ie: you literally could not do another rep.  

    2) Well, oranges / apples etc will get you some sweetness but be 'good' sugars.  Some berries also.  After a while you can become basically addicted to the sugar, so you sometimes just have to fight the urges and get over the withdraw!  It can be tough, but you can do it.  

    3) Dont focus on stuff too early, many people dont start 'seeing' results til 1/2 way thru of farther!  How are you feeling, do clothes feel looser etc?  And do NOT be a slave to the scale.

    4) Mind over matter.  Think of the results you want, stay positive etc etc.   You can do it, you are worth it!!

    5) Maybe try a different brand or flavor?  Possibly break it into 2 drinks if using water?   I've been lucky and when I do use the drinks, havent had any issues.. I dont do shakes, just the powder and I do use skim milk.

    Just remember our mind can be our greatest ally OR our biggest enemy.  It can do sooo many things to us, and we have to learn to 'outsmart' our brain. I know that sounds silly, but you just have to argue with yourself sometimes lol..


  • DBURG30

    Thanks so much that really helps! I know i really need to keep a mind of matter mid set- i think i give in a little to easy particularly with food.  My stomach is feeling flatter and i feel like my waist and hips also have lost a little, but haven't seen much on my legs or arms at all- i think that's been the most disheartening for me. I am really aware of how they look!

    I think maybe I need to up my weights and push myself more and perhaps slow down a little... maybe i am rushing. I do have protein powder ( my mistake- i make it into a shake) hence why i have so much of it. I have had water that's maybe why- should try skim milk.. or even make a smoothie out of it?!

  • The other thing is at week 3 a lot of that 'euphoria' that you get from exercising is wearing off since your body is adapting to the changes also.  That's about when I slammed into my first wall.  

  • ea89

    Here is a great post by a regular hear named Orrin about hitting the 10's. Have a read


    For the cravings and staying motivated to avoid bad foods I use my ace in the hole. I have a playing card with a motivation or goal body glued to one side, and my before picture glued to the other. Anytime I feel on the verge of slipping and giving into a craving I pull out that card and spend a minute or two looking at the pictures. Works every time to remind me why i am doing this.

  • Hi ea89-

    I also really struggled with sugar cravings, especially in the afternoons at work and after dinner.  They surprisingly diminished for me fairly quickly, but I think it is because I have found small tasty meals that satisfy my hunger/cravings/habits of eating.  I look forward to eating because it is fueling my body and because it tastes good, not because of a chemical addiction.  So I would fight it like hell (no one said it was easy), but also try to find things that will satisfy you in a different way. You should look forward to your fueling meals, not dread them!

    For protein shakes, it can be tricky.  I have found a brand that tastes pretty good and mixes well (Optimum Nutrition- ON) but I rarely have them plain.  I use almond milk (half the calories of skim milk, 50% more calcium, good fats, and 1g each of carbs and protein), blend in frozen berries, use PB2 powder or natural peanut butter... get creative!  Just make sure to track what you're putting in it.  But strawberry protein powder, almond milk, and frozen strawberries would make a good tasting, rich, well-balanced BFL-approved shake, redolent of a PBJ sandwich!  

    Good luck to you - it really is about trial and error, and leaning forward and learning... just keep it up!

  • Please EA89...

    Do not get discourage because of the scale or because of measurements. Take before and after pictures. I'm on challenge number 1 on week 9 and i have to tell you that at firts it was all blind faith in the program for me... I weighted myself three times a week or so and never saw a significant and sustainable dip in my weight. Did not feel much in terms of clothe (now I do). I was discourage and I was going on FAITH only.

    Now, take a look at my before and after (week 8) pictures: bodyforlife.com/.../3651.aspx

    When I saw this I couldn't believe it!

    NOT A SINGLE KILO/POUND HAVE I LOST!!!! And neither have I this week...

    I am now a believer. You just have to give it your all. Do not try to be "perfect" just continue and give it your all. I am not perfect particularly on the diet. I would grade my diet between a B+ and an A- at most. I "cheat" a little bit every single day (not proud of it but it is the truth). I have a tooth for cheese (full fat kind of cheese)...

    I am also lucky because I am doing this with a trainer. Listen to her (him in my case).

    Have FAITH. It will happen.

    Live life with passion!

  • Thanks BCbill!!

    This was sooooo helpful! Yesterday I decided to up my weights (before reading this- I just knew something had to be done with my workouts) and it completely made a difference to my workout. I am so sore- the sorest I have been since week 1!! I am definitely going to follow what Orrin says because it makes so much more sense to get results out of that then a workout where I am feeling as though I could do another!

    I really like the idea of the playing card. I definitely think I might do that and keep it in my wallet to remind me all the time of what my goal is (i think i can sometimes easily forget- when I am not constantly reminded and temptation is testing me). Everyone's responses have honestly made me so much more motivated! I really appreciate it!!!

  • Tulamae-

    It's always nice to hear from someone who craves sugar (the evenings like you tends to be the hardest). I think that because I haven't been as serious as I'd like to with my eating (have had a few minor slip ups, I give in to easily!) I do find that if I am not getting my 6 meals in a day that is probably the time i really feel like it the most... I guess when I am not fulfilled food wise it's the first thing my brain thinks I want. I think having protein shakes regularly might also curb the cravings (as I said I have struggled a little with the powder). I like the idea of almond milk - i have never heard of it so it would be nice to mix it up a little especially with the frozen berries.

    Thanks for the luck. You're help really is helping me stay motivated and keeping me on track, this forum is amazing! So useful and helpful.

  • Thanks for your response MyDecade,

    Many have told me not to be slave to the scale and I think I really need to rid myself of that mentality (like you I have weighed myself probably 3x a week which has discouraged me). Like you I am keeping the faith because I have seen the results- close friends got fantastic results a couple of years ago!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your success so far.... I absolutely love seeing before and after photos it makes this whole journey seem 10x more worth it and really motivates me all the time. I can't believe how great you look... I can't wait to see the same for me... I need to stay positive!

    Thanks so much! Hearing from people who are on the journey or who have been on it, really is motivating me to stick with it and power through. Because I am determined to see the results and actually stick with it. Everyone is honestly making this journey for me so much more worth my while, and having people like you all to keep me on track makes me so grateful I chose this program!  Thanks!!

  • After my first month- I have had some positive results- Have lost 2cms around my stomach and 1cm around my arms. I haven't lost much body fat which was a little disappointing but after going over everything with my trainer, we have fine tuned my diet which I think will definitely make the difference! Really happy considering this first month has been about trial and error as I am still learning something new about the challenge daily! Hoping to get more out of the next 5 weeks before my next measurements are take- Feeling much more motivated knowing good results have come!

  • Ea89,

        Don't get discouraged.  You are doing very well.  I am finishing up my 10th week and felt like nothing was happening in the beginning.  Remember your body is adjusting to the change.  Watch your sugar intake.  It seems to be a problem with results, even with fruit.  At this point, I enjoy hearing people say you look great.  It still shocks me to know that although I did not see a difference everybody else really saw the difference.  Keep up the great work and keep in touch.


  • Thanks Scott,

    I was out on the weekend with some friends I haven't seen in a while and they were all commenting how i have lose 'so much weight' it really isn't that much but it did feel good and motivate me to want to keep going. Yes definitely am going to drop the fruit intake... I think it's putting a damper on my results. I just automatically go for fruit if I am hungry thinking it is my healthiest option but am trying to turn to vegetables instead as now I am being stricter with my diet!

    Will keep you updated with my next progress appointment in a month!

  • Ea89,

       You have great drive.  Keep going full steam and use your book as a dairy.  I feel writing things down and referring to them, help you to make changes and learn from mistakes.  Let me stress that fruit is NOT bad but does contain natural sugar.  Everybody is different but sugar seemed to hold me back from the achieving greater success.  Veggies are a much better choice.  Finally, keep the protein shakes in your nutrition plan, they seem to really work.