What is going on with my body?

  • Today marks the end of my fourth week on BFL.  I have stuck to the program, and am doing it by the book each and every day.  Here's my concern: I've lost 16 pounds, literally at a rate of 4 pounds a week.  I'm not starving, I don't feel sick, fatigued, depressed, or present with any other basic signs of malnutrition.  My measurements indicate that my lean mass is either staying put or growing, depending on the week.  Is there anyone else out there that has experienced such a rate of weight loss on BFL?  I've completed one challenge before, but this time the weight loss is practically double the speed of the last one.

  • Although I have not been using the scale during my challenge (because it is the enemy!) I have dropped 2 dress sizes during the last 8 weeks.  I did that during the first 6 weeks of my challenge, and am still seeing improvements week on week!

    I have been on every diet going, and have never seen results like this before. I don't think you should be concerned about the weight loss unless you are burning muscle instead of fat.  I would dispel your concerns by getting your body fat % measured every 2 - 4 weeks to see what your composition looks like.

    Sounds like you are doing great though, so keep up the good work.  Don't be disappointed with plateaus and remember, we are all different and our bodies don't always react in the same way despite doing the program before. I anticipate I will see even greater changes in my second challenge, as I will have all that knowledge to apply to it.

  • My second challenge was sort of like that but then I experienced a plateau for a few weeks that eventually broke.  I would'nt worry unless you think there is some medical reason for such a rapid weight loss.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I just finished week 6 and I've lost just over 20 lbs.. So not quite as fast as you  have, but close.  You could be just hitting your 10's more since you say you've done this before.  Maybe eating better on the program this time?   I dunno what your starting stats were but I'm 43 year old male, about 5 10 and started at right about 270.