What is "Body for Life?"

  • Lately there has been alot of talk about the Challenge and many are discouraged that the cash portion of the prize is no longer being offered. I admit that I too was caught up in this and a bothered by it. It even made me reconsider entering the challenge, but you know what? This was a good thing.

    It forced me to reconsider what the Body for LIfe Challenge is all about. If entering the challenge is just so we can win the prizes, then I believe we are missing the point altogether. For 10 years I've tried over and over to complete a 12 week challenge. At times I gave up because I wasn't seeing results fast enough, or due to comparing myself to others I figured, "ah what's the point...I'll never win" This cycle has kept me from achieving my true potential.

    After some soul searching I've come to realize that the Body for Life Challenge isn't about a contest. It's about DISCOVERING YOUR POTENTIAL. It's not about trying to have a better transformation than someone else, or being named a Champion. It's about finding out what you are made of, what you are capable of. As a friend of mine recently reminded me, It's about being "powerful beyond measure"

    I'm in the last week of my current BFL Challenge, I'm tired, my whole family has a respiratory virus, which I've had a bit of too, I'm behind on some stuff at work, and all around just pooped out.

    I thought to myself: "what's the point in finishing now? There isn't a real incentive anymore for me to submit a packet" I was missing the point!

    Today, here I stand, ready to finish this challenge with every bit of strength that is in me. It's time to go for that "10" and finish the best I can, and I will submit an entry for the BFL Challenge. Not because I hope to win a prize, but because I want to represent what Body for Life is about: Discovering my potential and  Inspiring others to Discover Their Potential!



  • Andy - great post - make sure to give this last week horns - there are still changes happening in that machine of yours. Congratulations on honoring self promises. That in itself is a prize no one will ever be able to duplicate or take away from you.

  • Thanks "Legs" :)

  • Andy- WELL SAID!! You have Crossed the Abyss my friend!!

    Like Legs mentioned... honoring self promises is prize enough for me... the rest would be a bonus!!