Protein and oatmeal

  • Does anyone have a good protein to add to oatmeal? I really love eating oatmeal in the morning. I added egg whites this morning (I read that some people do that on BFL) and I couldn't choke it down. Any suggestions? Thanks and good luck to all!


  • I think any vanilla protein powder would work.  I have used Jay Robb egg white protein powder and it tastes great.  Just make sure you stir the protein into the oatmeal really well before you add your hot water/milk; that way it doesn't get lumpy.

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  • Dymatize Nutrition makes Elite High -Protein Oatmeal, 36 grams of protein per packet

  • Did you try eating the egg whites separately or did you mix it in with the oatmeal? I am not a huge egg fan but have managed to eat 3-4 whites at a time on the side with a cup of oatmeal.

    The vanilla protein powder idea would definitely work, and you could add a bit of fresh fruit to make it more like berries and cream.

    Other proteins I like for breakfast that would match well with oatmeal are quickly sauteed tofu chunks or lean ham, served on the side.

    Good luck Kathy!

  • I add a scoop of whey protein to my oatmeal.  There is actually a power oatmeal recipe in the recipe section and another one for pumpkin oatmeal.  Check it out!

  • Throw in a can of tuna?

  • I've been adding a few pieces of natural walnuts to my maple flavored weight control oatmeal each of the 5 mornings that I have it during the workweek. It seems to help with the flavor and possibly the protein as well.

  • I go with plain oatmeal as a my 10 AM Snack... LOVE IT!!

  • I usually have my eggs on the side!  I have added vanilla whey to my oatmeal and it was okay!  I added it when it was done cooking and just stirred it in.  No lumps!


  • LOL...Tuna?...ahhhh! now that's bad ;p

  • Ok, I know this sounds gross but I saw it on one of the BFL recipes years ago and tried it. Cottage cheese in the oatmeal. Yes it sounds gross, but I LOVE it!  I even eat it when I'm not following any specific diet or nutrition plan because it is that good. I especially like it with walnuts and cinnamon and I use Truvia  (a nutural calorie free sweetner). Try it, you might like it even though it sounds disgusting. I'm glad I tried it!

  • Cottage cheese in "cooked oatmeal"?


  • Thanks for the responses. I'll pass on the tuna :) but might try the cottage cheese. Any and all food suggestions are appreciated. Keep them coming!

  • Laurie,

    Yes, I cook the oatmeal then add the cottage cheese. I like to make it with half a portion of oatmeal and half a portion of frozen blueberries that have been heated first (so the cottage cheese doesn't cool the whole thing off to much when it is added). Yummy!

  • I add ANY flavor of whey protein to mine.  For instance, tomorrow I'm trying 'cookies and cream' flavor with my packet.  It doesn't have to just be confined to vanilla.