Results after just 3 weeks w/pics

  • That is great progress!! Very motivating. Congratulations thus far!

    I am just starting out (going into my second week), is it possible for you to post a couple days/one week of you eating plan? I need a bit of inspiration.

  • EA89,

    Congrats on making it through your first week! That's always the hardest part for me when I tighten up my eating. Here's a sample of what I eat straight from my food journal:

    1) 4 egg whites, handful of veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms), salsa, 1 slice whole wheat toast

    2)Greek yogurt, piece fruit

    3)small salad, turkey, slice lite cheese, 2 slices lite bread, lite miracle whip,1 or 2 TBS Newman's Own Lite Balsamic dressing for salad

    4)Protein pancakes with 1/4 cup sugar free syrup (20 calories per serving version)

    5)Barley, veggie, turkey stir-fry

    6) Luna Bar (a little low in protein probably for the recomendations in BFL, but that's what I had for a snack and the sweetness of it really helped me feel like I was eating a treat in the first week. I also like Zone Perfect bars which are made by Abbot and can be used as your one Abbot Nutrition product for contest)

    Day 2

    1)RTD shake

    2)Greek yogurt, 1 cup chopped fresh mixed fruit (I like to use the plain greek yogurt and sweeten it with vanilla extract and stevia, a natural, calorie free sweetner)

    3)Whole grain spaghetti, turkey meatballs from Eating For Life cookbook (it has lots of great recipes and I don't even get paid to say it! lol)

    4)  2 slices Protein french toast (I use whole wheat  lite bread with 40 calories per slice), 1/4 cup lite sugar free syrup

    5)Huge salad with leftover roast turkey, 2 TBS lite dressing, blueberries (big salads really helped me through the first couple weeks when my body was still craving large portions and junk food)

    6)Zone Perfect Bar (I like these as a dessert kind of thing if I'm really craving something sweet and indulgent)

    For me the key is keeping a close eye on portions and not letting them grow beyond what they should be. Good luck with the rest of your challenge! =)

  • That's not fair!!!!!!!!!! you lost your belly fat!! that's the hardest to lose for the rest of us LOL...

    You look amazing, congrats!

  • Haha. Thanks Hasam! I was so bloated from all the holiday crap I had been eating that I'm not surprised the belly went down so fast. For me, the thighs are the hardest to get rid of!!! They don't usually start leaning out till I get around 18% bodyfat...and when I did the hydrostatic body fat test on the 16th, I was at 22% so hope is in sight but still got a lot of work to do. Regardless, I won't turn down a flatter tummy!