Weight Gain!!!

  • Ok, please someone give me some good news!!! I have gained 5 pounds since I started this program. Am I eating to much?



  • Becky what does your daily diet consist of? How long into the program are you?

  • Becky,

    I gained in my first two weeks and my last two weeks.  It was also the same time I had the most drastic increases in the weights I was able to lift.  

    When you get a chance toss up a sample of your daily eating plan.  

    The best advice I can give you the scale is worst measure you can use it does not know the difference between fat, water and muscle making it one of the worst overall measures.  I track my weigth daily during my challenges,  but I pay them no attention.  I can shift ~5-8 pounds in a day and for the most part most of my gains from day to day can be tracked back to sodium and water retention and bowel movements or lack of.

    Dont get caught up in the scale numbers.

  • I started the program January 17. I drink a shake for breakfast, snack around 10 usually cottage cheese and yogart. Then at lunch I have grilled chicken, sweet potatoe, or brown rice.  Snack around 3 or 4 usually a shake and then dinner around 6:30.

  • Thanks for the advice.  I am tall girl with skinny legs and most of my weigh is in my middle section. So I know that my stomach will be the last to go.  

  • Also dont forget, as you add muscle it weighs more then fat so you  could gain weight and not be doing anything wrong also :)

  • Check your tape measurement, body fat percentage, and how your clothes fit. It could be water retention or muscle

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • I am feeling better already. Thanks!!

  • And if you are still concerned or what to know what others think, give a detailed list of all things you eat in a day.  Including any stuff you put on sandwiches or salads etc etc.  But if you are seeing results, and are feeling good, it's probably not anything 'bad'.  

  • Count your calories to test your skill at determining portion size. Calories in may be too high for you. Several weeks of trying is a good indicator or something that is amiss.

  • becky, i had the same problem last week.  i was up 2kg!  went to the gym and had my inbody scan done, convinced that i was ruining all the work from my first challenge.  Turns out i lost 1.3kg body fat mass and gained muscle.  Made me feel much better.  Dont trust the scale!!!