Week 5 and struggling

  • Hey everyone. I am in week 5 and having a hard time staying motivated. Week 4 was brutal. I missed 2 workouts and my diet was crap. I have started week 5 now and I am trying to keep with it. In 5 weeks the scale has hardly moved, but I did lose about 1-2 inches everywhere on my body.

    Needing some encouragement. I really want to drop the 20-25 pounds that I set as my goal. I really don't want to be here a year from now wishing I never gave up.

  • hi there,

    i have just finished a challenge and started a new one and i must be honest, where you are right now was soooo hard for me. felt like the end was further away than when i started, and my eating was stagnating(it was over christmas and that didn't help either).

    i ended up losing 30 pounds over the whole challenge. Lots more to go so small victories.

    this is how i looked at the last 6 weeks, made me realise that every workout was ESSENTIAL,  and that every meal counted.

    So with 6 weeks left you have...

    9 Upper body workouts left ONLY 9.

    9 Lower body workouts, again ONLY 9.

    Only 18 Cardio sessions, thats all, 18 20 min sessions to reach your goal.

    For me seeing only 9 upper body workout meant i could do that easy, hell man how can you stop when there are only 9 left????

    And besides, if the eating is crap the scale will show it, if the workouts are good the scale isn't so quick to show it, but losing inches is what makes it all worthwhile.

    hang in there, your self esteem and pride at finishing are worth it, never mind the results that you WILL get if you workout hard and eat right.

    hope this helps.



  • Thanks man. I appreciate it.

  • You can do this! You need to dig deep inside and tap into your inner strength and practice self-disipline. You are courageous, worthy and deserve to live a healthy life. Make yourself proud of your accomplishments, put yourself first and do not let food define you. Instead foster the athlete within, push hard everyday in the gym and fuel your body for the next grueling workout session.

    You are a winner, now make it happen.


  • I am in week 7 and can relate!  Just came across this link in another thread  - its a must read!   Apparently weeks 8-9 things really start to fall in place!


  • Lorig272,

    You seem to be extremely knowledgeable and have a real grasp of the BFL program.  There are so many different suggestions, recommendations etc.  I seem to be getting confused and wanted your advice.  You had amazing results and would like some ideas and suggestions.  I have been extremely solid with workouts, diet and exercise except for over doing it a bit on my free day.  Here was yesterdays menu.  Could you tell me what you think?


    -Myoplex lite drink

    -2 turkey sausage links

    -Serving of egg whites

    MEAL 2

    -Myoplex Lite Bar

    Meal 3

    -Body for Life Hawaiin Pita Pizza


    -Myoplex Lite Bar

    -Myoplex Lite Drink

    Meal 5

    -Body for Life Stuffed Peper

    -Serving of brown Rice

    Meal 6

    -3 Celery Sticks

    -Serving of fat Free Cottage Cheese

    Calories about 1579   Fat 40.02    Carbs  146    Protein 159

    I seem to be second guessing some of my choices because of all the different suggestions etc.  Getting confused.  I am in week 7.  i normally do not eat 2 bars in a day but seem a little hungrier in week 7 so i added this to help me.  Any Suggestions would be great.


  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your request. I appreciate your kind words. It sounds like you are in information overload. ha ha.. I would be happy to help in any way. Please send me a personal email (my email address is shown in my profile) and we can go over your meal plan, workouts etc.. I will do my best to assist you.

    Warm Regards,


  • Thanks Lori.  I do think I am second guessing myself.  I feel overwhelmed.  I will gather my informations and thoughts together.  I will email you this weekend.  Thanks again, Scott

  • I look forward to hearing from you! I am free on Saturday.

    We can make this happen!!


  • Also, we have to remember, for many of us, this didnt just happen overnight.  Our bodies were used to a certain behavior.   IMO our bodies resist change, which is why sometimes it's so hard to change.  You know, the old habits are hard to break thing.   Your mind will try to trick you, your body will be trying to trick you, so even though all of you wants to wonder what you are doing, there is that inner strength that can overcome!!   And you body is going thru changes.  Once it sees you arent trying to starve it, it will start co-operating with you.   When everything is on the same playbook, THEN I think you'll start to see your changes you want.  So eat right, hit your 10's and let's do this!!   I'm about the same place you are, and I know what you are going thru!   It tends to be new and fresh and your body is give you a 'high' to start, then you sometimes hit the wall it feels like.   We just have to push thru it.   I know we want it, and I know we can do it!