Results not typical and other Wet Blankets

  • Lori I love that story! Haha! Cracked me up! And yes, you are totally rocking that itty bitty bikini! Would you mind sharing where you got it? I'd love to be able to hang that up in my bathroom for motivation!

  • Marathonmama,

    Here is the link to purchase that bathing suit. Beware--- the suits are very tiny! I bet you can rock it as well.

    Glad you all liked the story. Thank you for listening. Let's all show our loved ones that we are committed and hopefully they will join the ride, the bumps and all.



  • Thanks Lori! I am on week 4 of my challenge and already seeing great results! In fact, I am already halfway to my goal waist size (down 2 of the 4 inches I was hoping to shrink it). So I definitely plan on being able to fit into that bikini soon! Thanks again for the link!

  • Marathonmama,

    That's fantastic!! Good for you. Keep up your momentum we are all rooting for you!! You must show us your pictures in that tiny bikini. Cheer to you! Lori

  • Thanks Lori. How do I start a new discussion thread? I wanted to post my before and 3 week pics since I am already seeing results. Maybe it will help people see what is possible in even that short amount of time.

  • Nevermind. I figured it out! =)

  • @ lorig2727 - The thing I like best about your transformation pics is the HAPPYNESS in your eyes in the after shots.  You look SO PROUD and you should be.  You look fantastic!

  • Slick Jen,

    I finished the challenge back in November and still feel on top of the world! Thank you very much. Embrace the program, it will change your life on many fronts. I overcame some challenging health problems, being healthy is priceless.

    Marathonmama, Looking forward to your pictures. Thank you for posting them, it will help others. What is the title of your thread?

  • Just checked out your profile. You are an inspiration!

  • Lori,

    The thread is  " Results after just 3 weeks w/pics" I just posted the side pic as I couldn't figure out how to get the other ones on there without the sizing being all weird  with the different photographs. A bit technically challenged here! haha.

  • Shoshie,

    I went through a similar exercise with my fiance.  He is 6'5 and 180, needless to say he doesnt have to worry about weight gain.  We talked about my goals and I the conversation ended in tears.  I had a lot of assumptions I was making about what he was thinking etc. and it just didnt go well and I couldnt figure out why!!

    I was talking to one of my girlfriends about it and she looked me in the eye and said, "its not his issue, it's yours.  Don't make it his."

    I'd never thought of it this way.  I always thought I NEEDED his support and help but what I have found is that this is MY issue, this is MY goal and he could shove cakes in my face and it still does not matter.  

    This may sound a bit harsh but after giving it some thought, my girlfriend was right.  I need to do this for myself, its my issue that I'm going to take care of it.  It does not matter what our fiances, spouses, friends or partners say, its what we want for ourselves so we need to own it.

    Now, I do think it's important to say what you need from him and move on.  He doesnt need to know any details of what you are doing just what it will take to help you.

    Good luck!


  • MJ,

    You are right on about having to do this for yourself! Obviously your fiance loves you already and probably doesn't have any issues with your weight...although I have to say my husband does get pretty lovey when I start tightening up! Some guys really miss having their favorite eating buddy, so they may feel they are losing part of you to your new diet and as a result, aren't as supportive as we expect...after all they get a huge benefit from our transformation. Some guys even get insecure when their women start getting in better shape than them. They wonder if we won't think as highly of them and wonder if they may lose you to someone in better shape like yourself. So, like you said, it has to be something you do for yourself. Outside motivators can help, but in the long run, it's your body, and you have to take care of it for you! Good luck!

  • Twelve weeks is a number. What can be accomplished is a function of how much work needs to get done. Most trainers would say you really "need 16 weeks" to see a dramatic change in muscle development and definition. But again, that is a number too. Melting the excess fat away to reveal what is underneath could take even longer. It doesn't matter though! You can always do THE BEST YOU CAN in 12 weeks, even if it isn't enough time to become the best you can be.

  • @ Thisislivin,

    Excellent point! We need numbers to help us achieve goals. But the truth is, they are just numbers. A marathon is 26.2 miles. It  doesn't matter if it was 25 or 27 miles long. Being able to run that distance would still be a great accomplishment. A runner may go on to run even longer races, but we still need some way to qualify what a marathon is so we have a finish line to cross for that race. A 12 week program is enough to make healthy choices habits and see incredible changes in our body. If we need more time to reach our ultimate goals, so be it. But, at least we can say we crossed that finish line before we sign up for our next race.