Day 55 Photos Attached. How Am I Doing?

  • Hi BryanL

    Thanks for the support, you keep my spirits and focus up. I am just over 6ft 3.


  • Lori - You were the reason I started in the first place, and your amazing before and after shots still keep me focused every day. You are right, the camera and the scales are great for making you feel better but the real changes are inside! I am becoming the person I always wanted to be, or in another way I am discovering the person I always was and just didn't know it.

    I will see this through to the end and beyond...

  • The Searcher,

    Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment; you made my day! It is so important that we set goals that impact our lives but equally vital that we create a rippling effect on the lives of others in a significant, positive and empowering way. Your tranformation will inspire many! Power to you!

    I believe in you!


  • Lori - You Posted your 12 week Transformation pictures on Wed Dec 8th 2010. Around then I was lurking about on the site deciding if it was for me. I had the book but was sceptical (as i'm sure a lot of people are). My wife didn't like the transformation photos of the guys because she doesn't like the 'ripped oiled up' type so when I saw your transformation and read your story it was what made me decide that this was for me, because not only did I need to change my body but I needed to get over anxiety and depression problems (what happened to you seemed so bad that it brought my situation into perspective)!

    I am feeling really great now and would like to thank everyone on here who has helped and supported me over the last 8 weeks. Thank you.

  • God bless you. Thank you!


  • Whoa!  My jaw dropped when I saw your photos.  You are doing fantastic!  And you still have 4 weeks to go!  Stay the course; you are obviously doing it right!  Can't wait to see your final photos!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • You look great. Funny Lori was the reason I accepted the challenge as well. She stuck with my whinning and put with me. She is one special person. I'm glad she touched your life as well. She is an angel to us all.


  • buddy you are doing great i did my first challenge in 1998.i plateaued in weeks 7and 8 a little bit,but weeks 9 thru 12 i transformed more than the previous eight weeks.i know you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.good luck

  • Ha ... are you kidding with your photos??  Of course you look fantastic and you know it!!!!!!!  Good for you I can't wait to see your 12 weeks photos!!  Way to kick butt!!  Have fun with your final weeks!!

  • Keep it're doing great!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"