Injury...advice needed

  • Hi BFL Friends.

    This is my second post on this subject, and I need some more advice. I injured/strained my back (oblique?...I strained this muscle a few years ago in a Zumba class...shook it a little too hard...LOL!) last Friday doing Abs. I didn't feel anything until Saturday night. I spent all day on the couch with the heating pad and ice on and off. I felt better on Monday, did not do my UBWO and felt really good in the evening. Tuesday morning I did my run and restrained the muscle all over again (really...running??). I am suppose to do my LBWO today, but am planning to rest b/c I am still feeling a lot of pain. I am doing stretches and taking it easy. I am thinking I need to take the rest of the week off and really rest. I am so frustrated b/c I had such a great LBWO last Friday...upped my weight and changed up my abs...and I did those exercises CORRECTLY...GRRR! I don't really feel the need to see a doctor as I'm sure he will just recommend what I am already doing. I am, however, planning to schedule a massage with the gift certificate I got for my birthday...whoo hoo!!

    Any advice you can give will be appreciated!



  • There are front and back obliques; you may have strained the back one, or some other muscle iin your lower backbut such as the erector spinae.  I would skip the weights (UB works the back even more so) until it recovers - if it doesn't feel better in 4- 6 days I would see a doctor.  Do cardio every day instead, and don't get down about this at all - take comfort that you're going to get in some extra fat burning sessions.

    As part of my (very simple) stretching protocol, I bend left, right, front, and back as far as I can.  Then, touch my toes, continue stretching, until I can put my fingers under my feet, basically standing on my hands.  That helps the back stretch out to the max I can get.

    Also, you may want to consider doing side bends holding a dumbbell or weight plate to really get the mid-section strengthened, as well as ab crunches on a decline bench, eventually with a weight on your chest.  Once you strengthen the muscles and get your weight down, the situation will improve immeasurably.. 


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