• Well tomorrow will be day 10, only 74 more to go! WooHoo! I was wondering if anyone had any other exercises to do for Quads. The gym I go to here where I live has no machines except treadmill, bike, and eliptical, and the weights are the ones you hold one in each arm (no dumbell weights and bars...I hope I am making sense?).

    Another question has to do with wine. I enjoy having a glass of wine every evening with my dinner. I read in the book that it is ok but the more I think about it ..perhaps only once a week?? Any thoughts?

    Can I use a Lean Cuisine for a meal or no??

    Also I have the following EAS items but am not sure why (benefit) of if I should take them. And which ones are used to substitute a meal and which ones are not to be used that way. Can someone put this in simple terms for me so I can know what items I should or should not be using. My goal is to lose fat (starting weight 195) but build muscle.

    Myoplex Lite (shake)

    AdvantEdge carb control Pre made shakes

    Soy  protein 

    AdvantEdge Carb control Snake bar (Choc. Peanut Butter Crisp)

    CLA Dietary Supplement


    Also can we eat as many fresh vegetables as we want or still only 2 servings a day??

    Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure I get this all straight.


    Thank You

    Brenda :-)




  • Hi Brenda and congratulations on the ten days you have already completed. Now for your questions.

    First, on quad exercises: what about walking lunges or maybe something with resistance bands? Do a google search for "quadricep exercises dumbbells" and see what else you come up with.

    Second, on the wine: the book says an occasional glass or two of wine is fine. IMO daily is over that line. Remember that alcohol is empty calories. I think you would do better with the once a week approach, and on your free day.

    Lean Cuisine: check the nutritional panel. Does it have about the same number of protein and carb grams in an amount appropriate to your needs? Most folks here avoid frozen dinners, or make their own by preparing lean protein (such as chicken breast), brown rice and veggies in bulk and then freezing individual portions.

    EAS products: Myoplex Lite shakes are a meal substitute, that is, they contain both protein and carbs in the right proportion, along with other nutrients. The carb control shakes are only protein, so you would need to add a portion of carbs, such as an apple, to make a complete meal. Likewise the soy protein - a shake by itself provides protein, so you need to add carbs, or make it into a smoothie with milk and/or nonfat yogurt, to make a meal substitute. Myoplex bars are a meal substitute but it looks like the one you have is another carb control product, so check the label. You might need to add a carb source to make it a meal. I don't use the CLA supplement, but many here do. Check the label for directions.

    Veggies: I don't think there is a limit to veggies. They should be added to at least two meals - I think because the usual problem is getting people to eat enough.

    Best wishes for a successful challenge. I am looking forward to reading your success story.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Here is one source with some quad options:


    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Lean Cuisine: I'm no expert, but I would say no unless you are really in a pinch. Before I did a challenge I had gotten in to the habit of eating them and was having headaches daily. As soon as i stopped the headaches stopped.

  • Avoid Lean Cuisine - it is frozen! the most amazing thing about Body for Life is never having any frozen items in your cart! all fresh produce and meats.

  • Thank you Saralynn!

    Your information has been so helpful! I will do a search this evening! <3

  • Thanks Again!  :-)

  • I absolutely love this forum! Everyone is so helpful! Great information! :-)