Week two!!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Morgan and I'm a Colorado resident who's decided I would like to look more like all the trail runners and bike riders I see around Boulder every day. I am currently 5' 6" tall and weigh 158 pounds. A lot of my weight is in my midsection and thighs; I have been a size 10 pretty much since forever and want to see if I can get rid of all my old pants by April. I have a great dog I go running/hiking with whenever the weather is nice (not today; it's about 12 degrees out!). Already I feel a lot more energy and confidence, and I sleep like a rock at night!

    So far everything is going great but I do have an issue with my left elbow. I did upper body on Wednesday the 26th for the first time and had a lot of soreness afterward, particularly in my biceps and elbows. Today, Monday, I am supposed to have another upper body day but now my left elbow has what feels and appears to be fluid swelling. It's not sore, painful, or discolored, but it's definitely swollen from the middle of my upper arm down to just past the elbow. I've taken ibuprofen and am trying to limit my use of the arm for the day.

    Has anyone else run into odd similar physical issues, and if so, did you take it easy, focus on a different exercise, or just plow on forward? I don't want to risk injury to my muscles or joints and could sub out with a lower body or cardio day if necessary. Sunday is my "free day" and I feel pretty well recuperated with this being the only exception. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks all and I'm so excited to be a part of such a wonderful community of driven individuals! :)

  • Colorado! Awesome!! Get ready to go to a size 6 in 10 weeks!! About the elbow., Check with the doc? they could do a quick MRI or XRAY... ?

  • Thanks Hasam! Today the elbow is better, I'm drinking kombucha tea and taking alkaline minerals to help purge all the toxic lactic acid that's been building in my body over the years. All of that seems to be helping. I'm using the doc as a last resort... if it isn't significantly better by Friday I am off to get it checked out.

    A size 6... it's amazing how these things are just so beyond my comprehension right now. I can't wait!!