Starting January 31st

  • Hello all, I've mostly been stalking the forums for a week or so. I'm finally starting the challenge tomorrow.  I've done my shopping, got my workout area all set and I'm ready!  I have to commit, or I'll have to commit myself.

    Two things that I know will be difficult:

    1.) Not counting calories.  I look at the caloric intake in some of the supplements and it gives me a little panic attack.

    2.) Eating in the evening.  I usually don't eat past 7ish, it will be difficult for me to get that 6th meal in.

    I'm sure I'll run across other things, but those are the two that are standing out to me most right now.  I'm very excited to start the challenge and start LIVING my life again!!


  • Michelle - You'll be so glad you've made this decision.  When is your official start date?

    Also, what supplements were you looking to take? 


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  • I'll be starting up tomorrow too! I still don't have my weight bench yet, but I have the dumbbells and I managed to set up some table chairs that should cover me till it gets here.

       Getting up early and planning out meals will be tough, I am trying some of the supplement stuff too. I have yet to try them but I am using all EAS stuff, I have two bars atm and I was suprised by the amount of Sodium and Sugar that can be found in these bars. Over 200 to 300g of sodium and over 14g of sugar in one of the bars.

       5:30am tomorrow is going to be CRAZY! lol Good luck on your end

  • Okay, I'm up.  Workout done and it's only 0530!  I slept like crap last night and was wide awake at 0415.  Usually I would just lay there and toss and turn until I had to get up, but I figured since this is Day #1 I might as well just get up and get it started!  HERE WE GO!

  • Hello

    I started my program today. I have not done any training in about 5 or so years. So this, hopefully will change me.

    I have a Personal Trainer, and she thinks I need to take it easy in the beginning. I will destroy my body if I start working out three times a week. So I will start with 2 times for the first 3-4 weeks. I'm also in a very bad shape when it comes to endurance. (I managed around 4 minutes on the stationary bicycle, and that's bad).

    So I've got a lot to do.

  • I actually started exercising again about two weeks ago, so I worked up to being ready to start the program.  I am so freakin' TIRED today, but I'm sure that has more to do with my 0415 wakeup than anything else.  So far, so good on my eat plan...for day one anyway!  We all have our own start point, the important thing is that we started!!

  • Hey everyone I am new here :) I have been reading the forums for  a couple weeks though. I love everyones transformations! I am Starting TODAY!! woo hoo ! I'm nervous and excited, so far so good :) I really need to work on drinking water more though! ugh!

  • I love asking people who count calories what a calorie is, it is the funnies thing- most people have no idea what a calorie is or what it does...

  • I started today. It's my day off and I wanted to wait until my baby was napping so I worked out in the middle of the day at my local gym. I got done with my upper body work out within half an hour. I don't know if that's a good thing. Still feeling things out.

  • Hi, Today is my start date Jan 31.

     I started to do this challenge before and just gave up but this time i am going to do this. With  eating  right and starting  a walking and working out  program. I look forward to getting healthy  and  regaining my zest for life. Good luck Michelle !!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just started yesterday as well, got in a good workout, now time to workon the food. I know what you mean about the sugars in those bars. I did this program back 8 years ago and really got addicted to the light bars and shakes. It worked out good to get in my 6 meals a day though and for at work. But this time I am going to try and do it without those bars. I did get into great shape with them but wondered later if I could have done better without them. But they sure were good for my chocolate fix that I seem t needed every month!! Good Luck to all.

    I just bought Bills' new Transformation book and CD's did anyone else get them to?

  • I love the transformation pictures too!  They are very motivating!  As for what a calorie is, well to turn an old Texas phrase, "This ain't my first rodeo".  I am very well aware of what a calorie is, BUT when you have "dieted" for most of your life and been programmed the way that I have, old habits die hard.  I found one protein bar that is super duper yummy but has 400 calories!  That is very hard to digest, so to speak!

    Starting Day 2, got up at 0500 to work out.  We are on a snow delay, I could have slept in a little!  Oh well, I'm up and having coffee and my day is started!  Good luck everyone on your journey today!

  • I am so SORE from my workout yesterday! But better than I thought I would be because yesterday I thought I wouldn't even be able to move my arms today but I can! haha Eating went perfect yesterday!! Here we go again, day 2 !!

  • I started the 31st as well!!

    Not trying to hijack the thread but maybe use this one as a common place for all those that started on the 31st as well??  OR start a new thread?  

    Either way we need a place to post progress as well as a place for us to venture to for motivation and to pass on motivation.  

    Anyone that starts this program is like extended family and I am always excited to see and hear how my family is doing lol.

    Good Luck to all and cant wait to watch the progress!!!

  • dskel -  Yes come to this thread! I didn't start it but I just joined it hoping it will be like the other ones where everyone helps motivate each other!  Good luck to you!!