Just wondering??

  • I get up and do my workouts early in the morning sometimes at 4:30 and sometimes at 5:00. When I look at all the transformation pictures I can't help but think when I get home from work at  night perhaps I should also go walking or something in order to get the same results. But then I think to myself I will be doing nothing but working out and going to work. I guess I am asking can I really expect the great transformations that others have with just doing the program exactly as the book instructs? Also when I have a free day don't I also have that day off of exercise, or just keep exercising everyday?

    Thank You 

    Brenda :-)


    PS : And to think I am only on day 3! :-)

  • You need to take breaks, part of BFL is rest! example, body burns calories while you dream :)

  • Brenda,

    Congrats on taking charge of your health and life and working towards a new and better you with BFL!

    Yes you can expect, and should expect, great results following the BFL plan by the book. The plan as laid out in the book is done so with a reason, not by accident. And it works!!!! Stick with the plan as written for all 12 weeks dont tweak or change anything and truly give it more than your best effort and you will be amazed by the results. After you have complete a 12 week challenge by the book you will understand both BFL and yourself a little better and then you may decide on a few small changes to suit your body, your life and your goals.

    Oh and do take your free day. That doesnt mean you have to lie on the couch and stare at the celing :) just give your body and mind a break and be ready to give the next week everything you have!

    Congrats on being on day 3! You have momentum now! KEEP GOING! You can do this!


  • Hi Brenda,

    You will yield fantastic results! Thousands before you have embraced BFL and built lean-hard-bodies. The principals of BFL are scientifcally proven and have been around for over a decade. Personally it has transformed my body and I can't imagine my life without it.

    If you feel a need to perform extra cardio then you are probably not working at full capacity while perform HIIT. Make sure to be your own personal champion and tap into your inner-athlete. BFL is a journey and you will be tested on your willpower, your inner-strength and you ability to persevere. You can do it! Read the book everyday and follow the principals as prescribed.

    Rest one day a week to allow your body to recover.

    We are all rooting for you!


  • Hi Brenda, I'm inJacksonville also. Looks like I started a week ahead of you.  While I've had to psych myself into not getting on the scale, I've measured and I'm losing inches. I'm following the plan. Feel free to check out my flabby profile.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • Brenda you do not need to do anymore workouts than what you are doing.  I also workout around 4:30 am and I have good results.  No need to over do it besides that, the majority of the program isn't necessarily the workouts, it's what you eat.  Trust how this works because it does work. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi Brenda!  Welcome to BFL!!!  I'm only in week 2 right now, but what I do know, is that you want to allow your body the rest it needs.  Rest is just as important as the time exercising and nutrition.  Try to remember that the body builds the muscle and the "magic" happens when you're resting, not when you're exercising.  The exercise is to tear down the muscle, and you need the rest in order for it to rebuild stronger and grow a little more in time for the next exercise session.  Wishing you a successful transformation!!!

  • Hi Brenda,

    I would say just do the workout like you are doing, you will eventually get there. Besides your body doesn't really want to be working out all day does it? Make it fun and attainable. Otherwise you will get burned out and possibly quit and you know what that gets you.

    I had lost 35 lbs in two challenges back to back and I always took my free day, I really pigged out at first eating things I never eat. But then later, decided to not do that but just eat the things I really looked forward too, and eventually I decided I felt better not even eating those foods. I didn't exercise on the 6th day as my body needed a rest, but do if it you want too. I doubt that you will get there any faster.

    But here is something to think about. Once you acheive the body you want you have to continue to workout to keep it!! So I you want to work out 7days at week to get your body in tip top shape you might have to continue to do that tor as long as you want that body!! Something to think about.