Where to buy fat measuring tools

  • I want to buy  a fat measuring tool (caliper?), but have not been able to find anything. I've tried sporting good stores, health food stores, even Target, and I don't see on this website that I can order one (unless I missed it). Can anyone tell me where I can get one?



  • I would try Amazon; they have nearly everything.  I know I have seen them at Hi Health as well.  Good luck.

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  • Thanks BDMom!

  • I bought some off of Amazon. I also came across some at a store here (in Houston) called Fitness Unlimited that carried them. I'd use the body fat calculator under the library/tools section for calculating the %. That said, I'd recommend a Hydrostatic Body comp analysis. It's the most precise.

  • Just ordered one...thanks!

  • I would suggest everyone get a Myoptape.  It's a measuring tape that retracts so it's much easier to use.  It's so useful for things like your waist, which is the most important measurement.

    Calipers are tough to use on yourself and in general.  See if there's a Bod Pod in your area.  It will cost 50-75, but is so worth it.  I highly suggest it.

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  • I used this to give me an idea of my range.   www.scientificpsychic.com/.../diet.html  I did go to my local gym and this reading was fairly close to the reading that I got from them.