The Cost of Beginning

  • I just started the program this week with my wife and trust me, I hate waking up early... my 2 year old son wakes everybody up at 6:30-700am every single day. When we decided to start the program we figured the only time we could actually work out would be BEFORE my son woke up... so here we are, getting up at 500am, starting the workout at 5:30. It sounded crazy in our heads, but after a couple of days you get a satisfaction for doing something that you know it's good for you long term. I'm a night owl myself too, now I have to go to bed no later than 11pm... and I can do it...

    As far as equipment we ordered a weight bench from for about 50bucks and it does the job. We're using adjustable dumbbells which are convenient since we'll need to go up in weight as we progress. Initially we ordered a 40lbs adjustable set(another $50) from and then purchased a couple of extra 10lbs weight plates from a local sporting goods store. There are a lot of places that sell used gear like "Play It Again Sports" where they charge about 60 cents/pound of weight.

    Good luck!


  •    I can only believe that I WILL get better at the early morning hours, telling myself I will have more daytime and less night time to worry about should help a little. I have a bench on order and have a small set of dumbbells, but I will probably buy more weights as time goes on and I actually get stronger.

       I will be shopping tomorrow too so then I can work on meals for the rest of the week tomorrow night. Lunch and breakfast are all set for tomorrow, as are the snacks up to the last one of the day.

     As of now this is how my Mon - Fri will go

     5:30am Wake up and WORK OUT!

     6:30am After shower eat breakfast have coffee

     10am First snack of the day

     12 noon Eat packed lunch

     2pm Eat second snack of the day

     5pm-6pm Make Dinner and lunch for next day

     8pm-9pm Third snack of the day

    I have some set up for a give of an hour just because I cannot say exactly when I will be home after work, sometimes I have appointments right after work. My only major concern is the final snack of the day! I have no clue what I could make and eat at that hour since I will try to be in bed asleep by around 10pm

       I want something tasty like a pre-bed snack, but I am not sure what I could do as of yet, any suggestions of what others do for there final snack of the day would be greatly appreciated :)


      All in all I have it fairly easy, I am single and have no children so my day is not half as bad as some out there

  • Hello,

    Here are a few suggestions for your last meal of the day.

    1) Whole wheat rice cake with Natural peanut butter and Polamer jelly.

    2) Homemade hummus made with greek yogurt and whole wheat pita bread (the recipe is shown on the sight)

    3) Oatmeal with a scoop of whey protein

    4) Natural peanut butter on an apple

    5) Myoplex light drink

    6) Cottage cheese with fruit



  • On day two now and OMG do my arms hurt, the cardio this morning was not all that bad AND I have somehow been getting up at 5:30am! Tomorrow is lower body day, lets see how it goes!

    Looks like I will have to pick up some rice cakes next time I am out. I never like to go to bed after eating so I will try to eat around 8ish

  • If you think your arms hurt on day two, just wait until day 3!  

    You need to figure out the equipment in the gym down the hall, different muscles are going to require different weights.  A 30 lb DB might work for your biceps and shoulders, but you'll be shortchanging your chest and legs.

    I'm the world's biggest procrastinator and have four small kids.  If I was able to make it work, you can too.

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • the mornings are going to get easier.  Keep making the choice at night before you go to sleep that you are going to wake up and work out at 5:30.  No matter how had it seems keep doing it.  Soon your body clock will adjust, you'll be out by 10:00 and you will beat your alarm up in the morning.  

    it's hard to eat before going to bed at first but once your metabolism is kicked into high gear you will need that last meal to help with overnight recovery and to cary you through your workout in the morning.  Also make sure you are drinking water the minute you wake up.  this will help jolt your body into work out mode.

    Keep going, pay attention to how your body responds and don't be afraid to make small adjustments.  

    Shawn Cooper

    Body for LIFE 2010 Champion 18-29

  • Hmm, I thought I updated awhile back but I guess not.

      I am on my second week since my first attempt started at the same time as I caught a nasty cold and took ALL my energy from me.

       I have been doing well so far, getting up at 5:30am is not easy but I can usually roll out of bed before 6am. I find I am unable to do the weight training early in the morning, IF I was doing it minute for minute it would be 40min but I take about an hour since I am checking the book to make sure I am doing everything correctly. I have gotten good at mentally keeping track of the 12/10/8/6/12/12 routine thankfully, but have not been able to put on more weights as of yet.

     I am still trying to find a cheap set of dumbbells that I can use that are not to heavy. I have been using 5 pounds in each hand and want to go up slowly 5/8/10/12/15 etc. But finding weights like these seem to be difficult. I realized I need to have MANY weights not just 2 I can swap out, simply because the switch takes up to much time during the workout.

         Eating has been fairly easy, usually a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter in the morning, a Myoplex drink at 10 (would breakfast drinks work too?) Lunch has been an apple, and a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread. 2pm I was eating a Myoplex bar, but I think a pack of 100 calorie almonds work to get me to dinner time too. And dinner has been mostly chicken breast with veggies, or mixed into a salad. I have also made chicken with rice and broccoli for dinner too, and since the rice keeps for at least a day its an easy to have it ready for the next day.

       Before bed snack is of course peanut butter on a rice cake usually with a good amount of water to help me wake up the next morning.

      No noticeable changes as of yet, but physically I do feel better. Being able to do things I seriously never though I could pull off is helping me stay on track. :)