Week 9 and frustrated!

  • I am in week 9 of my BFL challenge and I am beyond frustrated! I have lost about 8 pounds. I have been doing all the workouts and have been pretty true to the diet, although I have had a few slip up meals (none of which were over the top terrible). I have been taking pictures to track my progress and I do see a slight change in my body, but not what I would like. Does anyone have any advise? Should I bump up cardio? Or what?!? HELP!

  • sbeara13 have you also been taking your measurements?  Have your pants gotten looser?  You shouldn't bump up the cardio as you are coming to the most critical part of the challenge when you become more fatigued and lose energy.  If you add more cardio, you may suffer from burn out.  Don't sit around doing nothing, if you want to walk or whatever do that, just make sure it's not "mental" cardio.   What were your goals for this challenge?  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Keep doing what you are doing  - however you may want to revisit the "pretty true" part to the diet. You have come so far, and alot has to go on INSIDE to prepare for the outer more visual transformation. There is fat around your organs, muscles to be created or sterngthened to hold your frame up for amazing things to build on.

    Most changes DO occur during the last weeks of a challenge. Stick with your promise to complete the 12 weeks the best you can. You are worth it!  AND SO CLOSE!!! WooOOOooo!

  • I have lost about an inch and a half from my hips and about an inch from my waist, and my pants have gotten somewhat looser. My goals for this challenge were to gain a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I suffered from an eating disorder on and off for about 5 years and have been in recovery for about two years now. After recovery I kind of just gave up on caring what I ate or working out, but realized that outlook on food and exercise was also not healthy. There has to be an in-between.

    At this point I am just really discouraged because I am putting in so much time in the workouts and staying true to the diet, yet it doesn't seem like I am making the progress that I want.

  • sbeara13 - where would you be today had you not put in the last 9 weeks to BFL. Be proud. Carry that torch right to the end.

    My first challenge I measured the basics. Next challenge I took measurements from ALL OVER! cause a person does lose weight around even knees and ankles. Yup they do! I was thinking my first challenge would bring me better results too to be honest, but I KNOW I slipped up and I then knew what to do for challenge 2 and even better in C3.

    Hang in there - we're here for you. It is 12 weeks - not 9. You can do this!

  • sbeara13 I too suffered from food issues.  I weighed 300 lbs when I started BFL.  I had my metabolism all kinds of jacked up.  Stick with it, the results will come.  Remember this isn't for just 12 weeks, it's for life.  Be patient and true to yourself.  Remember back when you first started and how badly you wanted it.  Stay the course.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • sbeara13 - Please dont take this post personally! It just reminded me of my own faults and how I could have done better, and tried to ignore the little things that added up for me. I am reposting this of BFLMike's wisdom to hopefully catch an eye and get an a - ha to HELP someone out there.

    My challenge two had alot of "free weekends". I needed to get through to understand what not to do, but in the same breath, maybe others out there are stronger than I and this post will stop them from doing as I did. I was a Pretender....

    The Great Pretender!"

    by: Michael Harris  2/4/2008

    That’s actually the name of a big hit back in the 50’s by the Platters.

    "The Great Pretender" could also be the title for some of our Body for Life transformations if we’re not careful.

    What I’m talking about is self-deceit, and deceiving others as well.

    The "Pretender" starts on this course by failing to set meaningful

    goals that are lofty but measurable. Then, he settles for

    "pretend" goals like "to get hot-looking" or to "be ripped." These

    pretend goals have no ability to move us forward because they can be

    whatever we want, and they allow us to just do as little or as much as

    we want. They don’t motivate, inspire or propel us towards anything.

    They are just a flight of fantasy.

    Then, armed with these goals, our pretender begins to fudge right off

    the bat.(I’m going to call our pretender "he" just to avoid the awkward

    he or she all the way through, but this is not a gender based problem I

    assure you!) He pretends that he "just couldn’t get up" this morning

    to hit that first early morning exercise program--even though if he had

    been getting up to go to a new job it would have been no problem at


    Then, he pretends that he is physically unable to resist the

    temptations of food at work. The dead giveaway--blaming others--comes when he writes that "someone at work brought.........(fill in the blank of whatever he ate)...." He then tells us he couldn’t resist or that he would havefelt out of place if he hadn’t had at least a few bites.

    Next, our pretender "struggles with" an invitation to go out after work

    with the boys, and of course, that leads to a few beers, and a few

    wings, and there goes the evening exercise program!

    "No worries," he proclaims, as Tuesday approaches. "Today is a new day.

    I start today!" Of course he doesn’t. Soon enough, our pretender has put together about two days out of three weeks that even remotely resemble a BFL program, and then comes back to the guestbook to assert that, "I guess this doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve done it to the T but I don’t see any changes at all." The really sad part of all this is that the pretender has pretended long enough that he actually begins to almost believe that he has done what he said he would.

    In the end, not only does the pretender look the same on the outside,

    but he much the worse on the inside. That’s because he is paying the

    steep price of what BIll Phillips calls "self-perjury," failing to keep

    promises to ourself. What is that price? Sadness, disgust,

    anger--sometimes directed inwardly and sometimes outwardly--and ultimately depression and withdrawal.

    The solution? Set real goals that are steep but can be measured; set up

    a self-discipline and reward system; create some accountability in your

    life, and understand that lying to yourself is one of the most

    destructive things you can do. You honestly would be better off to not

    even start a challenge if that is what you’re going to do.

    Please, be brutally honest with yourselves, and don’t accept any of

    those excuses that weaken you. This is ONLY twelve weeks, and you ONLY

    have to do them one day at a time. Do them to your very best ability,

    and at the end, you’ll be amazed. You’ll be stronger physically,

    emotionally and spiritually than you’ve ever been. YOU’LL BE TRANSFORMED!

  • Thanks everyone for all your encouragement.

  • Sbeara13 - I thought of you first thing when I got up today....I hope you have another great day today. You are in a great community with such a variety of reasons for coming to BFL. I know you will be successful like so many others have. XO

  • Do not give up.

    Each day you are in a better place, becoming a better person.

    If your not generating specific results, take a closer look at your meal choices - could they be leaner?

    Are your portions sized as instructed?

    Are you eating every 2 to 3 hours?

    Are you using a protein shake for one of the meals, everyday?

    Is the intensity level of reps for each exercise set pushing your limits to the edge?

    If your answer is yes to all of these - you are an amazing person!

    I have added on spinning class for one of my aerobic days.

    Sounds like you plateaued.

    When you hit a wall, change things up.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry