Follow the original BFL plan or not...that is the question~

  • Great posts Renee.

    I followed the book 100% for my first challenge - and it worked.  The last 3 weeks were really tough but I just hauled myself through it.  Day by day.  Workout by workout.  Meal by meal.  Any other time in my ife I would have give up - thinking I'd "done enough now".  

    But - I was doing it by the book and the book says 12 weeks.  And I was following all the advice and support I had received which said - do it by the book - for 12 weeks!  And there were people out there who knew it was hard - but they had done it - so that meant I could too.

    I'm so thrilled that I made it.  I'm going to start my second challenge next week - and I really really like Ray's idea to do the first 4 weeks by the book - and then go from there.


  • I am still a newbie in day 10 of my first challenge, and I have been following the book, what I thought was 100%. For some reason I thought reduced fat cheese was ok, and I read somewhere on the forum it wasn't so I cut it out. Since, I just made a copy of the food list on page 83, and use that when I'm planning my meals. I think Renees post is encouraging and challenging. I agree that someone in my position doesn't have a right to criticize the program, I personally would like to see the best results possible. I don't want to be dissapointed in 12 weeks because I decided to change a small detail of the program that hindered my success. I wish everyone the best and thanks to all you experienced BFLers that stick around and help us newbies out!


    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Tisha ~

    In reference to the reduced fat cheese. Here is my PERSONAL position. Whole foods are obviously the best choice. Reduced fat cheese is processed, does not have as many essential vitamins and minerals as say chicken or cottage cheese. It probably is not as filling either. I prefer to fuel my body with whole foods that are not processed and contain filling nutritional value to fuel my body for the workouts we are putting them through.

    The cheese authorization is on this website and the champions book.

    Just my 2 cents worth!!! :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I believe in Body-for-Life as Bill Phillips portrays it.

    When it come to health, nutrition, and weight training.

    He sold me "truth". An in-mesurable, invaluable intangible asset, that - I CAN, despite challenges to slow us down.

    The exercise in his book and on-line are the basics to get started. He recommends consulting with a trainer to expand different exercises for upper body, and lower body, as different exercises       will isolate a specific muscle we wish to sculpt.

    Plus, it is wise to change up exercise that work the same areas to avoid a plateau situation.

    This is necessary as we progress and need each muscle to be proportionate to the framework we created with our physique, and that we are making continuous progress.

    The diet, of eating six times a day is essential. As to the recipe's, the portions are part of this program. The types of proteins, carbs, vegetables, and fruit are guidelines but plenty of room for creativity.

    The leaner the meals, the better. Simple. Focused on lean proteins, complex carbs, proper vegetable and fruit for the day together with proper portion sizes for eating six times a day - with the protein nutrition shakes that give a shot in the arm with a high concentration of nutrients we may not be getting in our food - ensuring proper balances and elements are there for rebuilding muscle tissue, and to burn fat.

    Keep it simple to start, then pick up momentum through skillful direction.

    You Can.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry