Follow the original BFL plan or not...that is the question~

  • To follow the original book or not...that is the question!

    The first question is usually "How bad do you want it?"

    I do believe that by following the mentality that it MUST be done by the original Body for Life book can bring anxiety to someone who is ending their challenge. The "life" part could prove difficult if they have 4 walls confined around them forever.

    However, it is my opinion that a challenger should restrict themselves to the original Body for Life plan for their first challenge. Why? The reason most of us found ourselves in an unhealthy predicament is due to the lack of structure in our life. Laziness set in. By sticking to the plan, 100%, you are forced to place structure in your life. Not just in your eating and fitness plan. Structure is forced into multiple other areas of our lives during a BFL challenge.

    The abyss was a learning process for me...everytime a new abyss presented itself. The plan was already set and I didn't have to think about that. That part was solid. Gave me the opportunity to learn the new me and reassess my reaction to the plan.

    When I found myself reaching a strength level where BFL starting feeling intuitive, I realized that I can responsibly make choices outside of the authorized food list. I researched nutritional facts on the web. Reaching that phase will be different for everyone.

    My two cents...stick to the original plan for challenge 1. Make it a priority to research food items on the web. Look at nutritional labels on food. Search the web for new exercises. Make yourself accountable to your own actions and results. True freedom comes when the plan is your own!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Excellent post!!  And I agree with you completely on making it through that first Challenge so that you can learn what you are truly capable of.  Nice job Renee!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I think staying by the book is part of not breaking a self-promise. You need to experience of a whole challenge day 1 to 84 to know how you can taylor it to fit you in the future. Its a physical and mental education. You get to see what you are made of and push limits where you do not have any.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Absolutely Bryan! I could not agree more! My completion of a BFL challenge ranks top 5 accomplishments in my life. The first 4 are my salvation and my 3 kids. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Well said Renee. High 5 girl!

  • Renee, I agree with the others, GREAT Post. In my first challenge I followed the book 100000% to a tee because of all the success that it had generated. Had I not followed the book and failed, it would have been my fault. In C2 i still stuck to the original book for the most part especially the excercise part. When I started C2, for the first 4 weeks I went back to the basics to make sure I got myself started off on the right foot. When you finish a couple of challenges or more you can earn the right to question some things but it never ceases to amaze me how many new people try to "challenge" the results that we have experienced. My advice to the newbies would be to follow the original book as written. EARN the right to question what needs to be done. EARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today"

  • Ray - remember when Debs said that according to her observations only 5% of people on her list that started a challenge by the book actually finished the 12 weeks? (whether that calculation is correct - I have no clue) but even if she guessed at it IT SURE PUT FIRE IN MY PANTS to show her I could do it too.

    Then I showed her AGAIN. :)

    If I remember correctly you dug your heels in with that figure too.

    Competitive? You betcha - whatever it takes to get it done THIS TIME!

    And I never ever want to be on that list that BFLMike says he has by his computer that he watches of excited posters that slowly quit posting ..... then POOF - gone.

  • I question what I feel needs to be questioned.  I don't need anyone's permission or guidelines to suggest what I have earned the right to question.  How vulgar, egotistical and elitist to suggest that you define what I have the right to question.

  • vulgar, egotistical and elitist ....

    JamesK - those arent nice. Boo.

    Ray just means that if a person goes through the program as the book says, then you have a base to grow on. Kinda like putting down your foundation, then building your own house.

    We say things that sound weird in words perhaps, but true helpfulness is what is meant.

  • and for the record, I follow the original book to the letter and I am seeing the results.

  • I hear ya Legs, but think of the impact of that on folks who might be struggling to get through this.  And then look at the statistic you referenced above from Debs.  The idea should be to keep people here with a community of support.  Boo me if you like my friend, I just named what I saw in the post.

  • Good Post!!!!!! Also following the Book, granted not taking some of the supplements YET, hopefully next week I'll start, but I've even seen some minor results in my 3 weeks so far. I think I'll be shooting a picture to compare the end of next week :) :)


  • Good point JamesK.  I say it to encourage, not to sway. BFL is no walk in the park and if a person is prepared to work hard, have highs and lows, great days and days when they wonder why the heck they started - they will finish.

    What I dont want is for someone to think it is easy and results will happen quickly - that to me would be wrong.

    If it were easy - wouldnt the world be fit. BFL takes perserverance, dedication, mental stamina to keep it up for 84 days. It takes guts. You have to want it.

    It is a great feeling to make it through that 12 weeks. You surely can see that.

    I'll go to my time out corner now.

  • JamesK ~

    I think the point trying to be made is that there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't believe that they should do 2 hours of cardio each to to get even better results. Another common post is 5 meals a day, instead of 6. A number of people post about utilizing a different nutrition plan and utilizing the BFL workout plan. And not so far left are the folks that are utilizing the food list from the Champions book. Can they still achieve successful results? Don't know. I can't comment to that. I can only speak to what I know, which is the original book. That's the plan I followed.

    Here's the dilemma. There is a whole community of folks on here who have experienced the incredible high and results that a challenge can bring. Those individuals are incredibly generous enough to want to assist, support and encourage others to successfully complete their challenge. They don't feel superior to anyone. Quite the contrary, they are humbled by their BFL experience and want to share that with others.

    Here is where the challenge comes in. We all know BFL works!  However, it's difficult to encourage and support someone who is frustrated before they even give the program a chance. Many just don't believe the results could happen as the book depicts. Some folks try to tweak the program to their liking, when it's not the program that is broke, it's the program user.

    I absolutely love that there are so many supportive people in this BFL community! We all have so much to give and receive.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Great posts Renee.

    I followed the book 100% for my first challenge - and it worked.  The last 3 weeks were really tough but I just hauled myself through it.  Day by day.  Workout by workout.  Meal by meal.  Any other time in my ife I would have give up - thinking I'd "done enough now".  

    But - I was doing it by the book and the book says 12 weeks.  And I was following all the advice and support I had received which said - do it by the book - for 12 weeks!  And there were people out there who knew it was hard - but they had done it - so that meant I could too.

    I'm so thrilled that I made it.  I'm going to start my second challenge next week - and I really really like Ray's idea to do the first 4 weeks by the book - and then go from there.