HELP.. running 1/2 maraton and Body for Life

  • I have been curious about this too since I have run 3 half marathons.  I injured my foot after running too much with plantar fascitis so that is when I turned to BFL since I could no longer run.  BFL gave me results that running did not.  So I have been wondering if I continue the BFL eating part if I will continue to see results if I choose to train again.  Not getting enough carbs has been a concern cuz I like to go fast!! haha!

    DebMo- you can totally do this!  I did two 1/2's last spring, and the first one was in March as well.  I ended up having to do some long runs on the treadmill due to weather.  NOT FUN but doable.  You will  soon be addicted!  Proud of you!


  • All of this info has been helpful since I too am a runner-completed first marathon prior to this challenge.  I'm putting long distance on the back burner right now and concentrating on this program.  I don't plan on pushing up mileage until after this challenge is done -good luck to you and your first half!!  That's great!  

  • I have been wondering about this subject as well...I've run in 3 half's and 1 full marathon over the last 2 years.  

    I'm commited to doing this BFL challenge, but I also commited to 5 other friends to run another half marathon with them next month.  I'm going to do what some of you have suggested in this thread.  

    I'm using my cardio days to do my shorter weekday runs, and I do my long run on Saturday.  I decided to kind of  "split" my free day.  Eat whatever I want on Saturday, but make my exercise free day on Sunday.  After the half marathon next month, I won't be doing anymore long runs, so I'll switch to doing all the HIIT workouts like prescribed in BFL.


  • Good luck with the half marathon! I've down 3 halfs and a full. I say take some of the other reccomendations on here to use your 3 HIT cardio days as run days and make that 3rd day your long run. I definitely think my body looks better when doing BFL than just running. I attibute that to the stricter diet and weight training. But once you get hooked on running, it becomes part of your life and such a fun way to stay in shape! It is about making fitness fun instead of just something you do because it is good for you. I have a half scheduled for July and will finish my 12 week challenge in May. My plan is to keep using running for my cardio and start increasing my long run a little in March or April to get my miles up...then after my challenge switching to focused half marathon training.

  • Grovita-  Just bumping this thread and also checking in to see how BFL is working with your training!  I am tempted to train for one and was curious of your thoughts or anyone elses!


  • Laurie,

    Your comment made me smile. Only a true runner would "be tempted" by a half marathon. ;-)


  • Oh my word- marathonmama!  Once I ran my first, I became addicted!  I was kinda depressed last fall when I couldn't train.  However, BFL saved the day and game me something new and different to try.  I started back running in January for my HIIT's and the half marathon bug has got me!  I wanna train but also not wanting to push my foot back to an injury!  Soooo- we shall see!  BFL still gave me a way better bod than hours of running BUT I still love those races!!!  Can't wait to see your end results!


  • Laurie,

    I totally hear you on the running bug!  I do think BFL is definitely changing my body in a way running never did...but, like you, for me running isn't just about staying in shape, it's what I do for fun! I am registered for the Napa to Sonoma half marathon in July and can't wait. It has to be gorgeous! Also looking forward to seeing how BFL affects my race training. I will finish my 12 week Challenge in time to start more focused race training about 10 weeks out from race day, which is perfect. I've been following BFL exactly as prescribed except for turning my 3rd HIT cardio session into a long run with 20 min HIT at end. But, I've kept my long runs shorter than usual. this week will be a 7 miler and I'll increase by a mile each week till I reach no more than 10 and just stay there till May. Are you currently doing a BFL challenge or just in a maintenance phase now? Be careful with that foot! I know how strong that temptation is to push to much too soon. I've done a good job of staying injury free for the last year but only because I've finally learned to listen to my body instead of my desire for more miles! So hard to do as a runner!

  • Hi, so glad I found this thread ! So I am training for a 10K in Oct and I got some advice about doing a long run one day and keeping the other two to 20 mins sessions. Question-would it be better to do 3 20 min sessions of intervals and one long run..or better to do 2 20 min sessions and 1 long run ? It's so tempting for me to want to keep running past 20 minutes b/c it sounds so counterintuitive to what I've been taught about cardio !

    When you guys do your long run how long do you go? does this impact your progress ?

  •  I think just doing the HIIT workouts on the treadmill would be an excellent way to train without any long runs.  Then when the challenge is over, gradually add some more mileage to your weekly runs with a longer run on the weekend.  Two months is plenty of time to work on endurance for a 10K, especially after conquering many 20 minute HIIT running routines!  I have run 4 half marathons and doing a 20 min. running HIIT still leaves me wanting to puke if I push myself to the max.