Tomorrow January 3rd - My Day to start a new life

  • My new life really began yesterday and tomorrow I will begin my workout program for the next 12 weeks to accomplish my goals of being 1) healther, 2) stronger, 3) muscular, and 4) athletic.  I have spent too many years wanting to be this way and now it is time for me to go through the complete journey. Reading others travel through the journey to being fit is inspiring and motivating.  So as I write this my committment to start is now.  Positive energy and loving life are the keys to success!


  • Welcome aboard! You are about to enter the B.F.L. zone and you will feel stronger, healthier and happier. Congratulations on your committment. Writing down your goals is fantastic. Now dig deep, be proud of yourself and hold your head up high. Go for it!!


  • I am starting my BFL challenge tomorrow with my friend . I did the challenge in 2001, finished the 12 weeks, and then repeated it. I lost 40 lbs and forty inches in 6 months. I was 52, and 60 now. I kept the weight off for a couple years,but now weigh 25 lbs more than when I started the first challenge.Ugh. I am excited to be getting back on the right path. My friend is 52, new to the gym and fitness program and diet, but we will do this together. Look out gym guy, we're gonna move you aside!

  • Rihgt on Amazing Grace! I 2 am 42 and 5 years removed from Active Military service.  I sort of let myself go and decided to giive it a go. I look forward to sharing and learning from my fellow mates in this endeavor!

    Change 4 Life!!!!

    LETS JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good Job!  I just joined the challenge last night.  I have done the program around 2002 and it really worked and then got a divorce and lost the motivation.

    I am back and realize that life happens and I need to remember that it is not what happens in life, but how I react to what happens.

    I just finished an hour on the treadmill and worked hard.  In an hour I am going to go join the gym so I can start and stay with the Body for Life Program.  I am sooo looking forward to it.

    I am going to write my goals down and set up a meal plan this afternoon also.

  • Hi there everyone tomorrow is the day for our 12 week Challenge, I'm very excited to get started for this one ... Going on C3 for me ....,~ I need to lose about 30 pounds ... Getting meals ready and exercise program ready to do tomorrow,~ Good luck everyone and I will see you tomorrow ....

  • I with you guys.  This is my 1st official BFL Challenge but have done the program before with great results but I have never given 100% until now.  I'm pumped and rdy.  Upper Body on Monday looking forward to that 1st sorness.

  • Great! I am so excited to see all of you committed to bettering yourselves. I will be looking forward to hearing about your progress. Push hard!


  • you are not alone- we can do this!

  • Hi there!

    I wanted to see if I could join you in starting the Challenge tomorrow.  I had started one on Nov 22 but unfortunately a trip to see relatives and that holidays stalled me for so long I felt it would be best if I just start over.  The other group is on day 45 right now and I'm so far behind that I'd rather start with a group that is going to be able to be at the same place I'm at.  

    All my shopping is done and I'm going to see my personal trainer to talk about my goals and make sure I'm really hitting my 10's the way I'm supposed to be.

    Can't wait to get to day 84 with all of you if you'll have me. :)


    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Head for the gym!! Follow the program- you can do it!

  • Shoshie,

    I wanted to see if you began your BFL program on the scheduled day.  I started the same day and was wondering if you wanted to share your results and findings?

  • Hey Scott Yep I sure did!  I joined the group thread called "Kicking off 2011 with a Bang!!! Anyone Coming along?!?!?!?  I'm doing great and I've totally already started noticing definition in my arms, shoulders and calves.  I'm also definitely getting stronger because I'm lifting weights that used to be my max and now that same weight is my warm up!    Food wise I'm also doing good I called EAS yesterday to ask if there was anything I could do to improve and they said I need to not skimp out on my carb at night even tho my trainer told me to avoid carbs at night.   Since I was having energy issues I decided to take their advice.  Things seemed much better today.  

    You should join our thread over on Kicking off 2011 with a Bang!  We've got a great group!

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Shoshi, are you still going with BFL?