The Training for Life Experience

  • My husband and I are gearing up to start this new way of life.  We are both obese, and while he plays basketball several times a week, as a high school teacher, I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  We are going to do the workouts in our home.  In the original Body for Life book by Bill Phillips, it mentioned online videos that demonstrated the correct technique for the exercises listed.  Is this resource still available?  Also, we are looking to buy an inexpensive weight bench and weight set--any suggestions?  It needs to be sturdy enough to support a 6'5" almost 300  lb. frame.

  • You can purchase a 4 pack DVD series from this site. It's $10.00. Click on the product link.

    I got a weight bench with a leg extension, barbells and weights for free. I just started telling my friends what I was going to do and they offered. Pretty lucky huh? Anyways, check Great resource. You can get all kinds of stuff on there. Cardio equipment too!

    Great planning! Keep us in the loop on your progress!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I don't know if you have stuff like this in your area, but Saint Vincent DePaul or Goodwill usually have exercise equipment for VERY cheap if you need to go that direction. I've picked up a bench and a rowing machine from them for less than fifteen dollars, and it keeps stuff like that out of a landfill which is socially responsible! :)


  • Here you can find some basic exercise animations

    We just bought an adjustable weight bench with the leg things for $99.99 at Sports Authority, they also had a sale on weight sets. We are buying slowly as needed.

    --- Kitty


  • Congratulations on making on one of the best decisions for increasing the quality of your lives.

    We all welcome you to our little community!

    We look forward to reading your posts and following your progress!

    You will always find helpful advice.

    Just one tip:

    When you post a request for info or advice, wait for several replies - to get some great answers, advice, and shared wisdom.  Come back and check, or set your email to get BFL activity from threads - to look at all the responses, and support you will get here.

    It is a powerful tool to help stay tuned in, and motivated.

    You will actually be helping others with your questions, and or feed back - with the continued learning process.

    Best regards!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry