Have a body like Chris Krueger in 1 year

  • On one hand while charlie has been helpful with some of his posts I have observed he can get very blunt and sometimes downright offensive  if someone doesnt agree or even corrects him, he offered me his phone number to call him so he could  help me, I was really appreciative of this and  I thanked him but I said I wanted to keep communications between us over the internet, his response to me was

    'So I offer to give you one on one advice and you turn it down. Ok buddy. Have fun spinning your wheels and staying at 40%'

    I don't think that kind of comment was warrented, I have the right to graciously decline..I didnt even turn down your help just the method of delivery, the reason being im quite a shy person and I also live half way across the world which would make quite an expensive to call

  • 6packmission - I said what I said to wake you up. With all the positive "cheerleader" support you have from the entire board, you keep wandering. You ask about several different ways, you keep spinning your wheels. So it is obvious to me that the nice guy bit is not that is going to kick your butt in gear, so I chose a different route. Point is man, you either do it or you don't. It becomes a reality when you put your dream into action. As of right now, it's just a dream to you. Take action.

    Since you don't want to call me for free on my cell, hit up my email.

  • Hi, 6pack!  Of course it is possible.  You stay on track and you can do this thing!