Which cardio workout is better?

  • Last year, in my previous BFL cycle that was interrupted around day 45 by several problems, I used to do the following cardio workout:

    Treadmill: Level 5 at speed of 4.4 KM, Level 6 at 5.5 KM, Level 7 at 6 KM, level 8 at 6.5 KM, level 9 at 7.4 KM, level 10 at 8 KM.

    That workout used to make my body temprature rise quickly around level 6-7 and I was almost tired at the end.


    This cycle I do a more strenuous workout where level 6 is at 5.5 km, level 7 at 6.5 KM, level 7 at 7 KM, Level 8 at 7.5 KM, Level 9 at 8KM and level 10 at 9 KM.

    That's nearly an extra 1 kilometer in difference between levels from last year's. This year's cardio, left me panting for breath, seeing double and on the verge of collapsing... Yet, my body heat did not rise, I did not sweat either. It only almost knocked me out.


    Do I stick with the numbers and the cardio workout that feels like it will kill me, or do I stick with the less strenuous one that feels like it is the only one that makes me sweat?

    Is having my body temperature rise and sweat like this indicative that last year's workout was better? I'm confused why this is happening.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • 15 yr shortcut - I am the kind that likes to go full tilt and stay uncomfortable with my cardio. I built up to knowing that I can handle it and I really WONT die from the short exertion.

    We sweat to cool down and keep our bodies at a good healthy temp. Clearly you are more fit this year than last and it will take more to get your internal temp up so that it then needs to cool itself down.

    Everyone is different. I have read some people dont perspire hardly at all, but for medical reasons. IMHO, only you know your comfort zone and your workouts are YOUR business how far you push yourself.

    Be safe, but drop that glitter when you can.

  • 15year - Have you considered consulting a good sports med doctor?

  • Legs,

    From your answer, I think the key words are "build up". I did not try to build up my cardio workout. I only jumped into it from a near idle state.


    It is ridiculously expensive in the UK to do that. And the results are not even guaranteed.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • If you're on the verge of collapsing, you are trying to do too much.  Level 10 is a high point, not collapsing....I try to gain about .05 to .10 miles with each 20 minute cardio workout.  I started out doing 1.5 miles and am now up to 2.00 miles.  I can do more, but I really try to hit that "10" for one minute.   The key is to back off to a "6" and regroup....and watch your heart rate !  

  • I also don't like to be too comfortable in my treadmill workouts, I push myself but not to being carried off on a stretcher if you know what I mean, for eg, yesterday after the 20 mins there was no way I could do anymore.

    Then when I feel it's getting too comfortable I up the speed and push.

    You are going to be panting for breath when you first start out again but that will pass as you get used to it, it happened to me, but on the verge of collapsing is too far so watch yourself and gradually work up again.

    As for the sweating..I hardly sweat, last night though I did! I'd go more by heart rate not how much you sweat.

  • stick with the one that you will do for life.

  • You could try switching between the two. I suspect that over time your body will let you know which is the better workout.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Haa anyone tried shorter intervals like 15 to 30 seconds....and more of them during the 20 min run... With about 2 to 3 min rest in-between intervals?

  • 2-3 minute rest periods would defeat the purpose. try sprinting for 15 seconds, with 45 second rest intervals