I am afraid

  • Hi all,

    I am going to start BFL the first Monday of January (January 3rd) but I am so afraid that I will not get results and get demotivated... The before and after pictures I see are so fantastic I don't dare dream I'm going to get those results! Although I'm going to start in January This is not a New Year's resolution... It goes deeper than that.

    The part I'm more concern about is the diet since I have a sound plan for the exercise. I'm going to get a trainer from my gym which is a fantastic place. But preparing the meals each day is a bit harder...

    Any advice?

    Also can I do the following: Monday, Wednesday and Friday weight training, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday cardio. This is the only modification i want to do to the program. I want to stick to BFL as closely as possible.

    Is this plan OK for exercise? I work close to the gym and live far away and I need the gym to exercise...



    Live life with passion!

  • Hi Rosa!

    As for the meals, When I make a dish, I make extras for leftovers.  Then you can preportion out the leftovers in smaller containers, throw them in your freezer.  Then another day as you are gathering your meals to go to work, you can easily grab one of those meals in your freezer.  For example, I have a few meals of WW spaghetti with meat sauce, leftover chicken I cut up, and some beef/rice casserole portions all waiting for me in my freezer, all those I cooked up for dinner the last couple weeks.  The chicken I can easily pair up with a carb on hand, like fruit, yogurt, make a sandwich out of it, etc.

    Also have lots of those smaller containers on hand.  Some big enough to fit a portion of cottage cheese, and some to fit a whole meal.  Another weird thing I have come to realize, if I keep my dishes washed every day, it REALLY helps me to plan and cook better and assemble lunches.  If I have some dirty dishes laying around my stove and countertop, I feel it derails me a lot and  I just can't concentrate.   That also assures me that I always have a clean kettle or frypan to use, and then I don't run out of containers.

    When i started maybe I went overboard, but I wanted to be so prepped, so I had on hand: frozen raw chic, frozen cooked chic, frozen veg, canned veg, fresh raw veg, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, frozen Lean Cuisines, frozen ground meat, protein powder, milke, eggs, old fasioned oatmeal, instant oatmeal, plain yogurt, flavored yogurt.  there are other people in my house that eat bad food on a regular basis and I have to cook and prepare it all.  So I wanted to make sure I had no excuse to have what they're having while I made them pizza or whatever.  Like if I had to make them something in the oven, I would grab one of MY foods that I could put in the oven along with theirs.  Or if I was making them something quick, I could easily make myself something quick like throw a frozen meal into the mic. or make a whole wheat sandwich.

    For doubling up on Mondays, do you think you might be sacrificing your energy in the 2nd workout you do since you used it all up in the first one?  Or were you thinking do 1 workout b4 work, then the 2nd one after work?  I prefer to do my cardio in the gym too, but I also have some exercise tapes at home I can do for variety when I can't get to the gym.  I switch them up sometimes 'cuz doing all my cardio at the gym can get booooring.  I do some older Tae Bo from the 90's, the cardio is fast and lasts about 20-30 minutes, perfect for me.

  • Hi Optigirl,

    Thanks for the advice. You know, now that I think about it I eat pretty good food for today's standards but I don't eat six small meals and the portions are rather large... I will definitely  take all you say into account. I don't have that many Tupperware. In fact I just throw a bunch out, they were old and I was not using them.   I guess I'll have to buy some the smaller kind.

    About the workout, I was thinking about dividing it in two as you say...

    I wonder what are the results of an "average person" doing the BFL in an "average way".


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  • My advice is to start in a few days to condition yourself and get yourself ready to start it. Try adding to your present diet some of the stuff BFL asks you to eat, try eliminating one or two things you should not be doing, go to the gym even if you will not work out at all but to get into the habit, etc.

    I can tell you that it is doable, very doable. You will only need your strength of mind not hesitation.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • You could also try doing some form of cardio at home on Saturdays if you can't get to the gym. Jump rope or work out with a Wii if you have one. Go outside and jog around the neighborhood increasing and decreasing your speed for the intervals.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Being afraid makes the journey seem daunting.  Instead, be excited about the benefits.  The less you focus on being afraid the easier it will be to change your habits.  If there is anything to be afraid of it is not taking care of yourself.  I know you can do it.  Enjoy it!

  • I think everyone is afraid to start but when we finish, what an accomplishment!  I start tomorrow and am looking forward to it!  I already can't wait to do pictures at week 4 and I haven't even taken the before pics yet!  Order the Success Journal it looks like a great tool to keep us motivated along the 84 days!  Good luck and stay positive!

  • Hi Sara,

    Jumping rope is a great idea. I have a Jump Snap (jumpsnap.com) and I don't know why it did not occurred to me! 20 minutes with it on Saturdays will do and it is doable. Thank you for turning my brain on!


    I've been going to the gym four times a week since August. Your advice is sound. I should start working on the diet part. Thanks


    Fear is paralyzing and you are right. Nonetheless is there. What am I afraid of? Not seeing results in about two weeks... Which is when I expect to start seeing them. Mostly doing my very best (doing the program by the book) and not seeing actual results is my fear. I guess I must take it one day at a time.


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  • Hi Dawn,

    I am so glad to hear that you are so ready to go! I guess I have to focus on the finish line instead of the start. I guess I am hoping to hear someone say that there is NO WAY we can not see results if we stick to it.


    Live life with passion!

  • Hi Sara (again)!

    Your idea of rope jumping is so great. In fact it is so helpful because even if I can not make it to the gym one of the cardio days I can do the 20 minutes right here in front of the video they provide (jump snap). I am thankful for your idea and want you to know. I just love it! It is such a solution.

    To everyone: I will be registering for the challenge in a formal way. Is everyone registered?

    Thanks to all

    Live life with passion!

  • I think you are in for a great experience.  One word of caution though, a lot of people don't see many real results within two weeks.  So don't get disappointed if two weeks go by and you don't see many results.  Not saying you won't, but remember, this deal goes for 12 weeks and many stories say the real transformation happened the last month.

    And yes, there is no way you can go 12 weeks doing this and not see amazing results.

  • MyDecade - remember that it took more than two weeks to put the weight on. Let go of any preconceived expectation that you will see big results in just two weeks - it's just not realistic. Commit to the full twelve weeks in advance no matter what the interim results may be. Circle the last day on a wall calendar and x off each day if that will help you keep going.

    I'm glad you like the jump rope idea. I just bought one for my daughter so she can do her basketball conditioning without going out to run in the cold and I may borrow it myself when it is snowy. I am going to have to look into that program you use.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • :-) Thanks Rob! You are giving me so much hope! :-) :-) :-)

    I'm working on my mental state right now. It is where everything really happens.

    My first goal is to try and enjoy myself, truly enjoy. I use to hate going to the gym but the gym I'm going to right now (I'm a member) is a fantastic place. Clean, lots of equipment, personal trainers (paying extra of course), wonderful bathrooms and showers... I have to say that it is the first gym I really feel like going to!

    I already had seven personal training sessions and I laughed so much with the trainer! But he sure made me work out! I plan to purchase more for the entire BFL challenge. I want to talk to the trainer first to show him how the program states we should do weight training. I want to do things by the book.

    Rob, I will not feel discourage if in 2 weeks I haven't seen results. You have encourage me. I guess it is important for me to know what to expect in reality. The before and after pictures are fantastic but maybe too fantastic (?). You say that many people don't see results the first two weeks... So then I have to adjust my expectations... Anyone else on what to expect?


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  • Hey Sara!

    I just saw your post after posting myself!

    I guess I do have to commit to the 12 weeks as it is the best way to approach this... Yes you are right. The weight accumulated over time! :-)


    Live life with passion!

  • Hi,

    lot's of good advice above and I just wanted to add you probably won't see much difference in 2 weeks but you will feel so much better and that's what kept me going, I had so much energy and...felt smaller to...

    It can be daunting at first, I remember reading throught the BFL website and looking at the pictures...whilst munching on a chocolate bar I might add....and I was thinking there is no way I can do this, the thought of eating 6 times a day, only 3x 20 mins a week of cardio....I had the total diet mentality, as I mentioned you will start to feel better then you'll see the results, this works, it really does. I was thinking it worked for others but there is no way it's going to work for me....I was so wrong!

    Just start and keep reminding yourself this is for life not just the 12 weeks.

    Jumping rope is great and you can also maybe find a park and run steps in intervals.

    good luck and come on here often for support, we all know how it is:)