Zero Calories, Great Filler, High Fiber, All in One...

  • Hi Everyone!

    For some time now I have been struggling with adding something to my diet that will help me feel full without adding a great deal to my calories. I love my food but my protein allowance would barely sustain me till the next meal. I was experimenting with some Chinese food and I bought something I thought was tofu at the time. When I opened it at home I found it says Shirataki.  After a lot of googling I found out that it is some kind of noodle or tofu-like food made entirely from yam fiber also called Konnyaku.  Shirataki is basically noodles made from Konnyaku. 200 grams of either have nearly 5 calories or less. They are incredibly high on fiber as well. I googled these foods extesively and in Japan they seem to be eaten once in a while mainly to do some colon cleansing.They call them "intestine sweeper".

    I did not care much for konnyaku because it is jelly-like and I hate jelly lol. But I used shirataki as a replacement for noodles and pasta. This is not an attach on noodles or pasta, but I prefer to use my carb allowance on something else. I found shirataki to be more rubbery than noodles, but with few dollops of tomato sauce, some red and yellow pepper and a sliced olive... yum yum... make belief could not taste better. lol

    I also used it as a replacement for noodles in soups. I shredded them and put them in fat-free minestrone and for a celery-hater like me... wow... that was very edible lol

    I needed to drink loads of water when I eat shirataki. It was a breakthrough for someone who love their food.

    I thought I'd share with anyone who is struggling to stay on the diet.

    Has anyone found anything else that is little heard of? Thanks.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I've tried that shirataki, it looked good in the bag, but sorry, it 'felt' too weird, the texture.   I couldn't finish it... :(

  • oops forgot to add my item that doesn't hurt your calorie too bad.  Zevia soda.  It's 100%natural stevia. I have cola and ginger root beer.  0 calories, 0 sugaar, nothing artificial, 12 carbs.  And the best thing is: all natural!!  I found mine at a health store, $6 for a 6-pack.  But I only drink it when I crave a soda which isn't often, so it's worth the price to me.

  • Hi Optigirl,

    I know what you are saying about the texture. Zevia soda sounds good. I will check it out. Thanks!

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I like the flavored waters from the grocery stores or Wal-mart has them too.  They are 0 for everything and they  taste sweet.