• Hi folks!

    I am in week 11, have been battling injuries, bi-polar disorder, emotional eating (love/hate to sit on the couch at night, watching TV, and munch...Honey Nut Cheerios is my snack of choice...good old fashioned mindless eating!), and need encouragement to keep going and finish strong! My injury has been my right hip/leg...for which I have gotten new running shoes (actually my first pair...have always worked out in cross trainers) with the help of a running specialist, and saw my chiropractor yesterday. I have not worked out yet this week...I am scheduled to do lower body today. I have the Success Journal, which is an awesome tool, and have struggled to discipline myself to use it consistently the last few weeks. I am planning to start a second challenge when I am finished with this one (which will be before Christmas). I am nervous about the 'active rest'...that I will quickly fall back into old habits (that I have not yet conquered during this challenge), and not follow thru with my plan to start the next challenge as planned. I have seen progress in this challenge, and amazingly do not feel better about myself, nor am giving myself credit. Or alteast not the credit I deserve. I really do want to conquer my worst enemy (myself) and be a 'Success'!



    All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them ~ Walt Disney


  • Hey Leggs!

    Okay... so I'm no expert. I'm in week 11 with you and going through the same fears with the active rest and challenge two. Maybe for your active rest, to keep you motivated, read the BFL book and champion book. It will keep you from picking up the cherrios and munching down.

    PLOW THROUGH these last two weeks! I hope the veterans have better advice than me!

  • Leggs - Hang on GIRL!!  You are not alone.  I just finished my first C1 with an awesome support group & several individuals had similar problems that you are experiencing now.  To simply put it - LIFE is happening.  Its good that you recognize it.  Simply jump back on the plan.

    On the nutrition side - ensure to plan the day before & make sure you are getting water.  If you are really hungry, and you may be because as your body builds muscle, it takes more energy to sustain, then add an extra carb on your first few meals of the day - that is what EAS told me.

    I think everyone I know would encourage at least one week of AR.  We all felt like dirt bags, but, our bodies needed the rest & the meals made us feel yucky, therefore enforcing the nutrional plan that we had been following.

    AFTER AR, I recommend that you jump right back on the meal & workout plans.  Find a group - I strongly encourage the 11/22 group - they are fantastic!  Doesn't matter where you are, hop in, let us know your goals & we will totally support you & be there for you.

    Common - You only have 2 weeks to go!  You can do it!  You are a champion.

  • I am also in week 11 and I have had many medical obstacles along the way. Please realize that life will always throw us curve balls but it is how were handle them that makes us a winner.

    Their is no room for quitting, their is no room for giving up, overeating or falling into depression. You must brush yourself off, stand up tall and charge ahead.

    Live with passion, conviction and purpose and NEVER give up on yourself.  I am rooting for you!!!

  • Leggsmomof3.....you have already succeeded more than alot of others who have attemped a bfl challenge. Over the years I have read of many who never made it passed the 2nd week. So I applaud your effort. Sure maybe you've had a few slips along the way but it sounds to me like you picked yourself up and pressed on....and that is a WINNER. We all can learn from our shortfalls and mistakes. I suggest to finish out your final week as best you can. Then take a week break from the gym and take time and analyze the passed 12 weeks......what you did good.....what you could have done better and simply learn from it. During your week off it might be a good idea to re-read the BFL book. Set some new goals and keep pressing on. Our fitness journey is a lifelong endeaver so don't worry about little bumps in the road. I think you'll do just great!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks everyone for the support! Everything makes sense. Reading the BFL book is a GREAT idea for my AR! I definitely will be doing that...I will have time as I have finished my Christmas shopping! It will be great to look back, as fit4life suggested, and to set new goals for my next challenge!

    Thanks again for the great words! I am already looking forward to finishing strong, and beginning a new challenge!



    All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them ~ Walt Disney