"No Slack"...just do it!

  • "No Slack"... just do it!  Nov 15 - Feb 13

    Welcome family and friends to our our exciting Body For Life challenge. We can use this forum to communicate our experiences as we go through this together. We can also support each other though our triumphs as well as struggles.

    This is a letter sent by Peter (who will be joining us) with some strong words of encouragement...

    Family - Hello from Afghanistan! It has been brought to my attention
    that a total of 10 family members will be executing Body-for-LIFE (BFL)!
    So with that, I will be starting the BFL program the 15th of November
    (next Monday). When is everyone's Day 1 Begin?

    We as family will be conducting the same workouts daily and eating our 6

    nutrious "authorized" meals!  So my challenge to you; If being in an
    environment as I'm currently and I'm able to successfully complete daily
    workouts and 6 meals daily, you all have no excuses! Don't let "life"
    get in the way, Planning is key! I'm here to answer any questions or
    support that you may have. It's not easy, it's a challenge!

    I miss you all and thank you for getting my Mother to accept the 12-week

    life changing challenge!

    Love Always,


    I am so excited! I can't wait to hear how everyone's doing... and I'm going to need all the help I can get :)



  • Well,

    I started day 1 with an upper body workout. Having had worked out prior to this I pretty much knew what I would be lifting and the weights to be used. I did however have to take time and dial it in. The next time it will go smoother now that I know the levels of effort it is taking.

    My first concern was that this didn't seem like it was going to give me enough to do for each body part. Wow! what an intense workout. It felt great and I know this is going to be wonderful.

    ...now if I can just get use to drinking all this water.


  • You're right, with his environment, we have no excuses.  There plenty of us who starting today, November 15th.  Great picture above, by the way!

  • Uncle Randy - Congrats on Day 1! Yes, the workouts are exhausting to say the least! Hit those "highpoints".

  • Wow, this is exciting.  I remember my first time taking on this challenge with Pete.  It was 10 years ago, after Pete's 1st round.  I saw such great results and admired his commitment, I wanted some of that feeling.  So I joined and trained with the best trainer I could have ever asked for.  Pete, thank you!!!!!  I came back after about 3-4 weeks off to do it again but this time, by myself.  I made it about 2 weeks, my heart was not into it like it was when I had Pete's support, encouragement and knowledge a phone call away.  Having this team is awesome.  You'll all see how lucky we are to have each other, how fun it is to share stories, ideas, experiences and tips.  

    We made it through day 1 and truly a successful day.  I can't pick my arms up very easily but hey, that means I worked VERY hard, and I did!  

    Thank you all for joining us, remember, "No slack", just do it!

  • Day 2...I woke up today giving 2nd thoughts about my aerobic workout. Aerobics and myself are not ever mentioned in the same sentence. I haven't run in 20 years, but I did put  it into my BFL schedule. Well, this morning I was second guessing myself and almost talked myself into hopping onto an elliptical machine. This would have been fine but it was not what I had intended. So...along came another email from Peter with an update of his Day 2 aerobic workout and how he prepares himself before going out on missions by filling his pocket full of nutritional food for the BFL challenge. Wow...OK..., this big baby is going to get out there and run!...and I did it!  Thanks Pete. I know this is going to be tough for all of us, but it's so great that we have each other to pick us up when we need it.

    God Bless,


  • Day 2 complete.  Cardio was another challenge I have not seen in a while, especially at that level.  Felt good, real good!  Ran with Vern & Brianna while the boys played football on the field.  Thought alot about you Pete, when I felt I wanted to give in and start walking.  I didn't quit though, I kept running, thank you!  Thank you all, this Team" feeling sure gives me strength.  I hope it does for all of you too.

    Oh, one last note, Renee & I took our 'before' photos today, in private, in my bedroom, with the door closed.  You know you need this program when you need to hide for that :)

    "No Slack"..... just do it!

  • OK, quick note...  I worked upper body Monday, ran yesterday and tonight is lower body.  Doing laundry today, I seperated 2 stuck together laundry baskets and every muscle that I worked Monday talked to me :)

  • Day3...Lower Body after running yesterday...ouch!...Feeling Good!

  • Great workout today...I'm a true believer that this is mind over body. I'm starting to get use to six meals a day...although I still am wanting to go back for seconds...thirds...etc. It's so good to have supportive people around. Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Hit those high points until failure! Success is within your reach.. grab it. When I begin to get tired at the gym I remember this-The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finish line. GO FOR IT!

  • Thanks lorig for the words of encouragement. I really enjoy the upper body workouts. Day five and second time doing this this week. I really pushed hard during those peaks. My last exercise was working the biceps and wow did I push beyond what I have ever pushed before. I really feel good after completing these exercises and knowing I gave it all I could. Hope everyone is doing well.


  • Hi Randy, I did bicepts and tricepts today and pushed so hard I turned red in the face and literally could not do another single rep. My arms are skinny but those little muscles were popping out. It feels good to do all you can, and know you pushed hard. Keep up the good work my friend!

  • Day 5 is complete, that was a great upper body workout.  Thank you Vern for sticking with me on this.  It will be great for the both of us. By the way, I truned down 2 parties this weekend just so I would stay on track  :)  Good job team "No slack"... just do it!

  • Day 6, Great aerobic day...3rd run since it started and it went much better than the others. Feeling great as the numbers from our weigh in came out pretty good. Meals are awesome out of the BFL cook book...Thanks Gayle. This is truly amazing.