Back on track after 10 years!

  • In 1999, my new year's resolution was "go to the gym and get fit".  Hubby then dragged me to Healthy Life where the gorgeous girl who managed it (can't remember her name now) pulled out Bill Phillips' book "Body For Life" and showed me a picture on the jacket of a girl who's before was exactly me!  Of course, I was highly sceptical, but next thing we know, we've bought the book, the "Body of Work" video, 2 different protein powders, protein bars, shakers and a few other bits and pieces which cleaned us out of our savings.  We bought a newspaper, entered and completed the 12 week challenge.  The transformation was amazing.  Hubby lost 32cm from his waist and 32kg!  I lost 9cm from my butt and I looked and felt incredible.  We got so many compliments and we often helped out at that Healthy Life store when they had promotional days.


    Hubby said "lets take a week off and do the challenge again".  It's been 10 years.  I regained my unhealthy size plus more.  

    4 years ago, I had a baby and just as I was almost back into my pre-preg clothes, baby started solids and I kept eating like I was *** feeding.

    Gradually, I ended up at the weight I was at the end of my pregnancy!  I had terrible insomnia and constant migraines.  I was now in the overweight range of the BMI chart.  I was wearing my maternity clothes and ugly trackies because that was all that fit.  I was always tired, cranky and easily upset.  Hubby also has reverted to worse than he origionally started. 

    This is now week 3.

    Being 10 years older, I thought it would be really difficult, but it seems like muscle really does have good memory.  Whereas the first time we spent the first 3 weeks cranky and craving, this time it only lasted about 3 days.  Junk food doesn't taste as good now to me with the exception of chocolate!  I am getting to sleep quickly and staying there.  I wake up early on my own accord ready and rearing to do a workout.  The first upper body workout I did this time round I thought to myself "why on earth did I give this up?  I feel so powerful"!  I'm still getting the odd migraine but they go away after while.  My maternity pants are getting a bit loose and I actually did wear a bigger pair of jeans I had in the cupboard the other day - still a bit tight but I can do them up now!  Small baby steps.

    Our 4yo is getting used to only eating "naughty foods" once a week and I'm hoping that this will set her up for life.

    It's not just a lifestyle change for hubby and I, it's for my daughter as well.  When the cravings set in, I talk to her and we have a think what we might like to eat on "fat day" and that makes the cravings bearable because we have something tangible to look forward to.

    So for all those others out there who have successfully taken the challenge and then slipped up, this program is one where you can pick up the pieces and start again.  I wish you all the best of luck and hope you all have amazing transformations both physically and mentally :-)


    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • What a fantastic story!

    This is your time to not only make the changes for 84 days but also to maintain them for a life time! Your child will see mommy and daddy as their role models and you are officially breaking the cycle of obesity in your household. Go for it! I hope your tranformations will exceed your expectations.



  • Thanks Lori - there is a growing concern with obesity in children and worse still is the general consensus that chubby children are healthy looking.  My daughter has a slim build and I'm disgusted by the amount of people who criticise me and tell me she is too thin (including a doctor who I nearly decked for telling me to put butter on a 7mo baby's food!  I took her in because she had an ear infection...).  She has heaps of energy, bright eyes, a rosy complexion and is generally happy and well-behaved.  She mostly prefers to drink water and she gets a treat on fat day - today I offered her a spider (half a small cup of lemonade with a small scoop of ice-cream).  


    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Day 24 and fat day :-)

    We toned it down and still over-full!

    Crumpets with jam for b'fast, cheese & bikkies for morning tea (along with half a pear), butter chicken with naan, basmati rice, pappdums, chutney and raita for lunch, mud cake (very small piece) and a scoop of ice-cream for afternoon tea (it was my birthday so of course we have mud cake).  

    I'm astonished at how little I can now fit in my stomach.  Normally I'd have 3 or 4 crumpets without a problem.  This morning I got through 2 and that was enough.

    I'm feeling sluggish at 2.40pm - thinking of a nanna nap!

    I will continue my exercise programme this afternoon as I didn't do a workout this morning - last Saturday I did just that and I felt great afterwards.

    I'm also doing the Biggest Loser programme on Wii Fit which I must say is really something!  It's only 3 times per week with a "challenge" and weigh in once a week.  But each day you put in your calorie intake and extra exercise.  I tend to do this at night after bub has gone to bed and the BFL in the morning.

    I am thinking now that the first lot of body change was the result of removing water retention.  The last time I did the program I was 24 and 55kg - only lost 1.5kg in the 12weeks but what counted is that I toned and strengthened and lost 9cm.  I'm now 35 and I started 68kg and now at 63.  I'm really embarrassed at how I have let myself go.  I still have 13cm to lose to get to my goal (remembering I only had to lose 9cm in total last time), plus a tummy to flatten.  Even if I just get my butt to double digits I'll be happy.

    In the end, I'm not too worried about scales and tape measures.  I know that if I do the program and stick to it, the flabbiness and excess fat will go.  The good feelings and restful sleep is much more valuable than my dress size.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Tomorrow is my 4-week mark (day 27 today).

    I'm happy enough with my progress.  I feel great and I'm sleeping much better.

    Still, I'm going to grab a paper tomorrow and get hubby to take a pic in the same clothes I wore for my start photo just to see if there is a discernible difference.  I'm sure it wasn't until week 5 last time until it was noticeable so I'm not terribly worried.

    Anyone else on week 4?  Remembering this is 1/3 the way through - woo-hoo!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I was just checking out the success stories again and I'd really like you all to check out Rena Reese's story.  She made a video of herself by taking a pic every day in the same pose and outfit so she could see the changes.  Wish I'd thought of that from the start....  

    The weekend was very difficult for me this time - I've actually had cravings for the first time since day 4 which were not satiated by eating more fibre-filled good food.  I was sick on Friday and then had no energy all weekend.  The recent dreary weather I'm sure hasn't helped (it's the end of November and I'm still cuddling up under a blanket on the couch!  Supposed to be summer in a week!!!!)...

    So back on track now and deciding what to change in my routine to get out of this plateau that I'm in at the moment.  

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Christmas is definitely creeping up.  

    My prayer group decided to have a girl's lunch out today.  I failed to check out the cafe prior to today and when I got there it was all sandwiches on inch-thick bread, pasta, gnocci etc.  Way too many carbs.  When I got my meal - there were at least 3 BFL serves of spaghetti and very little vege.  Even though I left pasta on my plate, I feel like I've cheated.  Plus it was literally dripping with olive oil.  They didn't even have a side salad on the menu.

    So next time I head out for a meal, I'm going to call ahead of time and check meal sizes, menu and alternatives if needed.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I had this same problem this weekend. I went to a wedding and they served Prime Rib, mashed potatoes dripping in butter and vegetables, I nibbled on the vegies but ate nothing else. No salad was served. Then came the deserts, cake, chocolate fountain etc.. Next time I will have a meal before a social event or do my homework before hand.

    Keep working hard!

  • Oh yeah - those social events!  I'm surprised your friend didn't ask if there were any diet requirements...  I got an invite to a wedding recently and there was some space to put any diet needs in.

    I normally have a protein bar in my handbag but I'm waiting for pay day otherwise I would have just had a bar and a low-fat latte.  

    I was able to compensate somewhat though - breakfast and morning tea were no-fat so I just kept the rest of my meals low/no-fat and low-carb so in retrospect, it probably wasn't as bad as I thought on the day.

    I've changed my cardio routine - instead of doing Bill Phillips' workout, I'm using the target heart rate on the cross trainer as my HR is still way too high.  It doesn't take much to get my HR up to 150+ when it should go no higher than 145 (and that should be a big exertion), proving that my cardio fitness is terrible.

    On the up-side, my upper body strength is remarkably improved.  I can see muscle again and I'm not "flapping" any more when I wave (yay)!!!

    So about half way through now and I'm going to have to take in my work pants which is excellent :-)

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I'm very proud of myself.  I made gingerbread for the gingerbread house I'm taking to my daughter's kindy Christmas party tomorrow and I DIDN'T EAT ANY!!!  Though tempting, I figure I can have some tomorrow (free "fat" day).

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Kree-ations- I had to laugh when I read your gingerbread achievement. First of all I feel your pain but congrats for resisting temptation! My daughter just came home from Thailand (she was studing there for 6 months) and I made her a red velvet, cream cheese frosting cake to welcome her back home. It was so hard to not stick my finger in the frosting. I was proud that I did not have any! Congrats to us both!!

  • Lori - Please, oh PLEASE let me know the recipe for your cake!!!!  I've heard about it from other American internet-buddies but no one seems to have a recipe they actually like and no one would actually describe it for me!  I'm simply dying to try one!

    And big kudos to you for resisting!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Ok - been a while.

    I finally checked my before pic and did a mid-way one.  I'm happy with the progress thus far and I know it will be easier to drop the extra inches as I get fitter.  I'm still unhappy with my cardio fitness (what cardio fitness?) as my heart rate is still way to high so I've changed my workouts there.  I'm now doing half an hour of  target heart rate (136bpm) instead of the 20mins BFL system until I feel like I'm ok.  My heart just goes too fast too quick and to keep my HR at the correct level for aerobic fitness, I don't even break a sweat.

    On other news, several days ago I injured my arm so I've been doing low-impact cardio stuff like belly dancing and cross trainer without the arm work.  It's not too bad - I think I pulled a tricep muscle and maybe the ligaments or tendons at the shoulder and elbow ends.  I don't fancy a 3hour wait at the doctor's.

    Tomorrow I have to make another 2 gingerbread houses to give to my daughter's kindy teachers as gifts.  I made them each one last year and they were well-received.

    That means only one more big one and one small one left to make after that (big one for Christmas table and little one for my in-laws).

    I had massive cravings last week for Twisties but it's ok because Lorig2727 suggested on another thread that it means I'm about to drop a pound and guess what?  I did!  Buuuuuut I ate the Twisties I bought while craving them even though not craving anymore and that led to other pig-outs during the day and I ended up putting on a whole kilo - grrrr!  Hope it's just water retention from all the salt!

    Have a great BFL week!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!