I gave up on week 8

  • Ren,

    Don't quit now!! You can do this! There is always a way. Some people think oh I am not going to look like a champion in 12 weeks I am going to stop. This is a mistake. BFL is more than just a 12 week program it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will enrich all areas of your life. Stick to it! We all encounter obsacles and hurdles along the way but no matter what we must keep going. Don't change the way you are eating. That should always stay the same. Are there other forms of cardio you can do that wont hurt your foot? Stationary bike? Rowing machine? Hand bike? Skipping rope? Elliptical? I am just throwing some things out there.

    Know you have the strength to keep going and change your life. Listen to your body, don't injure yourself further but, KEEP GOING!

    Don't worry about posting at the tail end of this thread. There are so many great poeple on the forum who want to see you succeed as well as a ton of support and encouragment and positvie energy.

    All the best


  • Hi and thanks for the response.

    Alas, I have been doing exactly what is inside BFL. I have the book, I have and use the Sucess Journal but was seeing no results after this three weeks. That's why I was so stumped. This week I started getting headaches and that's when I checked the calorie count. I was doing the portion size per the book but apparently, it totalled to about 1,000/day -- WAY too little for how much I do during the day - working out, two jobs, recreation, etc. I must have shocked my system and that's why it was holding on for dear life. To get graphic... I was even "irregular" which isn't normal for me. So, this is day two of tracking calories and getting them up to about 1600/day while I'm burning about 2100-2200/day. Even after the one day of increasing my calorie intake, my body feels better and last night and today, no headache. So for now, I will continue to track on fitday to make sure I'm eating enough.

  • That is great! It is always a good idea to listen to your body. BFL is a journey. Along the way we make mistakes, learn from them and grow. You are definately on the right path. Keep up the great work!

  • Ren:  If you feel fantastic, why would you quit now?  Nutrition is 80% of the equation...and you can do that whether you have an injury or not.  You can do this!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"