1st track on your iPod?

  • Wow just seeing this!  DebMo- you and I think alike- I have almost everyone of those songs on my half marathon playlist.

    Here are a few others:

    Let it Rock- Kevin Rudolf

    "next contestant", "burn it to the ground", "do this anymore"- Nickelback

    We Shine- stellar kart

    mess of me- switchfoot

    frontline- pillar

    Walls- Manic Drive ( first track for my marathon)

    clap ya hands- group 1 crew

    click click boom- saliva

    whyyawannabringmedown- kelly clarkson

    "Monster " and "hero"-Skillet

    Rawkfist- Thousand foot Krutch


  • my first hiit song is "what you waiting for" Gwen Stefani.  There is this one break that I swear makes me want to throw my hands up in the air while on the treadmill every time!

  • I second Tiesto as something great to listen to.  My first track is Ghosts 'n Stuff from Deadmau5.  Get the track with the vocals from Rob Swire.  It will get you going!

  • Usually it would be

    Chevelle - I Get It or, more appropo, Send the Pain Below

    but when I'm feeling funky it could be

    Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife or Almost Easy (I'm not INsane I'm not INsane!)

    or, when I'm really going crazy,

    Sixx A.M. - Life is Beautiful 


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.



    Hot Tottie by Usher and Jay -Z

    EDIT HERE!  Wow - I sat down and read the lyrics and didnt feel right posting the video. Sorry if anybody saw that and was offended. I guess these old ears didnt catch all the words! Still like the beat though.

    I'm embarrassed! ;)