After realizing this simple mistake, I am SO ready for this. Starting 10/18/2010

  • So I must have been half asleep or SOMETHING but somehow I read that I had to do 2 excersises for each muscle group, that's two sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, (and an additional 12 I thought). I did this for two weeks! 10 different excersises at 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, 12! I was wondering how in the world you were supposed to make even under 50 minutes and I finally looked closely at one of the charts to start using it and realized there was only enough room for one excersise and an additional 12 for a different one... Needless to say I had a big laugh at myself. I've been dead for the last two weeks, so much pain it was crazy. I'm very relieved to know I was doing 2x the work I should have been, and am VERY excited to accomplish my first challenge now!

    After reaching out on these forums in hopes to find a mentor I have found one who was very kind and gave me sound advice on calorie intake (I am actually trying to gain weight by following BFL, so I have to go against the book's portions). I think with my newly answered questions thanks to RickNorris, I am ready to go. I'm going to consider the last two weeks as my warmup, and mark next monday as my official start date. I can't wait for the results :)

  • Wow Aorsini!

    If you could do that then the challenge will not be a problem! Well done and stay positive :-)

    Just remember the portions in the book is to feed or fuel your muscles. If you need to gain muscle weight, you do need the fuel, and maybe a bit more.

    If you need to loose weight, you still need to fuel your muscles, most probably the same way than when you want to gain weight.

    The thing is big or small- when you weight train your body and give your muscles enough rest  and fuel, you will reach your goal of perfect bodiness :-)

  • I am so accustomed to two sets of 12 that even after two weeks I end up doing 12-12-8-6-12 on the first machine. But this week at least I remembered that I could change the weight for each set in the FitLinxx system so that I don't need to carry a little slip of paper around with me.

    Keep in mind that this whole program is about progress, not perfection. You've done a little extra the past two weeks - nothing wrong with that! So you don't have to start the program over again from the beginning, unless you really feel compelled to.

    In either case, best wishes. I'm looking forward to reading more about your progress.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • AOrsini,

    Congrats on starting BFL!!! I would agree with saralynn. There is no need to start over. Focus on Progress not perfection. We all make mistakes. The key is to learn as quickly as we can from them and keep pushing forward. For the first month of my first challenge I, for some unknown reason, wasn't taking a 1 miniute break after the set of 6. I was doing 6, 12, 12 without a rest! Needless to say I wasn't lifting weight much in the the last set. Oh well I had a good laugh and kept going. That is why I re-read the BFL book again and again. I always pick up something new.

    All the best with your challenge. Visit the forum often. There are so many great people here.