Won my first Triathlon!

  • Won my first Triathlon!

    Any serious competitors out there, this story is NOT for you. I truly admire and respect the dedication, perseverance, endurance and determination it takes to be an athlete.

    I am NOT one of them.

    Here is my story:

    Being 75 pounds overweight and almost 50, I started this past spring to "get serious" about my  health and fitness. While in the car with my husband, we were listening to a report about the "Ironman". Not really realizing I said out loud, Hey I'm gonna try that. My very  humorous husband replied, "IRONMAN?" More like a "TIN MAN!"  And that's where the idea started.

    Having a backyard pool (swim), a nice bike trail by my house (bike), and ending at a favorite spot, the library (run),  and that was going to be my "Tin man" course.

    So all summer I have been thinking about it. But that's all I did was think about it. I HAD to stop thinking and just do it. But Summer ended. I was bummed that I did not do my "Tinman". So with that, not having closed my pool yet, I made the decision to do it on October 8th, 2010.  I am in the Chicago area and it has been upper 70's, low 80's in the 'burbs all week. Today was a  PERFECT DAY.

    My pool was so cold, my dog would not go in the second time to retrieve her ball. After wards I did take my cooking thermometer and it registered 66 degrees. (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). I also can't swim, and I panic when my head is underwater, so with my trusty noodle under my arms I paddled for 5 minutes, then realized I could do my goal of 10 minutes. 10 minutes of continual paddling without touching the bottom. That was a first for me.

    I then got out, went to the garage and changed out of my capri's,socks and tee (what a sight, huh?) put on dry clothes, socks and gym shoes. Hopped on my bike and didn't go anywhere. The chain was off my bike. Thankfully hubby and daughter was joining me on the trail for that part, and he put the chain on. ( well that added to my time - but who cares! ). I paced myself for a round trip of 5 miles in the woods.     
    (I must have rode over a million acorns! ).

    Upon returning home, I forgot my water (not good) but off I go jigging. (I did not spell that wrong - I was too tired to jog, so I walked and "jigged"). My daughter drove and found me at the halfway mark to give me water, then she met me at the library. (I was at the library earlier that day for the annual book sale and that is  when I told the librarian what I was planing to do. She loved the idea. (So NOW I was committed to do it. I sort of thought it might me a hokey idea ) So thus I made it to the library 1 mile away.  

    Yep, I won the "Tinman". I set a goal and I did it.

    My own special rules for a "Tinman" Triathlon. Everyone comes in first. You determine your own course. Plan, Precede, Succeed.

    And have fun.

    And I can not stop smiling!!!

    Thanks for reading,

  • This was so fun to read!  Congrats on your Tinman!  Whatever spells success to you is what matters most!!!  Good job!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • That was simply awesome!!! 'Tinman Tri's'...I can see it now  : )

    Way to push yourself!


  • Hey Tin Man Champ,

    You and Hubby ought to set your sights on this one next.


    Fun to the nth degree.

    Congrats on the win...did you get a finishers metal?  :)

    The pain of disipline or the pain of regret...you decide


  • That is awesome and congrats

  • Just a fantastic story of triumph! Loved it and gives me an idea for my next goal! Congratulations.