Made the decision to stop and go to WW

  • Also, I would like to rebuff alot of your comments since I see so much negativity coming out ... but I will address the one about free days.

    It is your day to do what you want.  Don't let others who don't take it make you feel bad.  You are free too do what you want with it.  Bill Philips is very clear on that.  Read that part of the book again.

    I have done full on free days where I was crazy and also taken it with clean eating most of the day and just a free meal.

    What it boils down to is what you want.  If you want the best results possible in 12 weeks, then keep it under control.  If you want this to be a lifestyle forever, then enjoy it knowing that come Monday (or whatever day is after it) you are back on plan.

    It is called free becasue you are free to use it how you want.

  • Hi

    Thank you all for your understanding and helpful comments.

    All make sense!!

    I may reconsider WW and continue w BFL

  • Kitty33 - do you have the eating for life cookbook? it has so many wonderful recipes for things to have before bed.

    My boyfriend and I really struggled for the first few weeks - felt like all we were doing was buying food, measuring it, doing dishes ect... Now at 7 weeks its become habit - we love trying new things for dinners, lunches ect from the cookbook. Really keeps the food aspect of it interesting. I have done WW before, but I like BFL better due to the workout portion! Good Luck!

  • Kitty, I am going to be brutally honest. This is not a personal attack on you.

    1. Supplements are not needed at all.

    2. The free day is not garbage, it helps in many ways.

    3. Gained water weight from your free day does not mean gained body fat.

    4. Weight Watchers is for lazy people who just care about being skinny fat, if you want to be lean and defined, then follow BFL.

    5. There is no problem eating 6 times a day. Look at America as a whole, it is an obese nation. We all love to eat. The problem lies in your lack of passion, desire and discipline.

    6. If cooking 6 whole food meals is a hassle for you, then the meal replacements can be your insurance. Not needed, but may help people due to schedule restraints.

    You are being negative and it sounds like pure laziness to me.  Do you want to be lean and in the best shape of your life so you can look your best, feel your best and be your best?

    If you're answer is yes, then do what it takes. If you just want to lose scale weight, and be skinny fat, then go do weight watchers or any other fad diet out there.

    So now that you know you don't have to buy supplements, that you know that frequent eating isn't a problem, that the free day is not your enemy and that you wanna be in the best shape of your life...what is stopping you?

    Make it Happen.

  • Kitty,  

    Let me add two things to Charlie's points, which are right on the money:

    1) You need to do cardio for your health.  Getting the heart rate up through vigorous cardio is will improve your longevity.

    2) Weight training is also essential to get truly fit and lean.  Your muscles will be weak, and not hold you together properly if you merely lose weight.  I know - read my Bio - I lost 45 lbs and was still a blob.

    In today's Chicago Tribune "Sunday" magazine, there is an article discussing the merits of protein drinks and powders.  Bottom line - protein from any source is what you need, and the best source is from the whole, natural foods we eat.  The benefit of shakes and powders is primarily convenience.

    I have been doing BFL for ~18 months, and I'm sure it is worth every bit of effort.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I figure that not every person loses weight the same way or can do the same programs and have good results. Our bodies are different and sometimes need something different to work for them.

    I had great results in 2001 on this program and kept the weight and diet for over 2 years until cancer struck, remission and then 3 babies. Now I'm doing it again because I know it works for me.

    I tried WW but didn't do well because I would choose bad foods for me as long as they were in my point range. I have a couple of friends who did terrific on it.

    Good luck and I hope you are successful!

  • Jaimee, sorry to hear about your cancer, and I wish you the best. HOWEVER,

    Many people throw out the phrase that all of your bodies are different, etc, etc. This is a copout that a lot of people say, when it is my opinion that they are just making excuses and being lazy.

    All of your bodies are very similar. Sure there are 3 different phenotypes, meso, endo, ecto, but they all respond to proper training and nutrition. Lean proteins, natural carbs, healthy fats, vegetables, etc. High intensity, brief workouts, proper rest etc. Everyone's body responds the same.

    Now we all have different amounts of bf to lose, and for people like myself who started out @ 52%, that will take time to get down to 5%, but the point is we just need to stop worrying, stop overthinking, stop trying to discover some unknown secret, which by the way is a lie. And we just need to do it.

    That is the actual secret. Just do it. Eat properly, workout intensely, get enough rest. And drink water till your urine is clear LOL

    Anyways, my point is we need to stop making excuses. Going to WW is not the answer. It is not going to get any easier to get the body you desire by going to WW, by doing the Anabolic Diet, by carb cycling, atkins, keto, south beach, and the other 15 million other diets out there.

    Everything you need to know is written in the original BFL book.

    Be like Nike, and Just do it.