BFL after Open Heart Surgery

  • Hello All,

    I've done BFL off and on during the last 11 years with sometimes great results, and sometimes I didn't finish due to injuries/illness. I've been challenged in the past 10 years, having undergone 5 surgeries and having a child! The most recent surgery was major open heart surgery in March of 2010. To make a long story short, I underwent emergency surgery at the hospital I work at (I'm an ICU nurse) for an extremely rare coronary artery anomaly. I was told by my surgeons that I shouldn't have made it to 40 as I played competitive sports in college, did triathlons, and had a child. My type of anomaly often causes sudden cardiac death in athletes,

    So, needless to say, it's a miracle I'm still here! Since my surgery I have been exercising regularly with the focus being on cardio. I have improved my stress test results from May (8 weeks postop) where I only was able to do 5.2 METS to last week when I was able to do 12 METS. The cardiologist said I did excellent and they allowed my HR to get to 100% of maximum for my age.

    I am working on tweaking my diet which is why I'm going back to the BFL physician wants me to cut my sugar intake and follow a lower carb diet. As far as the workouts, I need to get back in the weight room but my main focus is still going to be on cardio, I carry a lot of muscle mass for a woman and I just need to tone up more than anything. I am starting a local Fit Camp at my old community college Monday and it's a killer workout that combines both cardio and strength training so I'll do that 3 days/week and get to the gym the other 3 days for cardio/strength training.

    If there's anyone else from there who has recovered from open heart surgery please feel free to contact me. I've been given the green light to go as hard as I can (and I already have been at times) and to start lifting weights again. My sternum took a bit longer to heal as I dehisced a bit (just superficially) and didn't follow my precautions for as long as I should have. While I still have some incisional pain I'm back to full range of motion and just need to work on my strength.

    I'm starting my personal challenge tomorrow, I know I missed the cut-off for 2010 but I need to get refocused with my meals/exercise as I've kind of slacked the last month due to illness (colds) and other "commitments"...I know that's a load of crap and that my main commitment needs to be to me to get fit but sometimes life throws ya some curveballs!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Dang! Congrats on successfully getting through all of your surgeries...I haven't gone through heart surgery, but if you have the green light, then I see no reason why you can't succeed with BFL. Just don't overdo it and BE CAREFUL!!

    All my best!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I just read your post, I'm in awe. I'm 55 going to be 56 next month. I learned in my 30's I would need a valve replacement someday, that day came when I was 50. I worked out for the operation, mostly cardio with some lifting. Came home from the first surgery, and two hours later my wife took me back because I had no clue about anything. They opened me up again, found "vegetation" growing. Stumped, my surgeon called five collegues for advise. Do the surgery again because he is young and strong. Had second surgery 6 days after the first. Spent 23 days in Lehigh.

    Six months after the heart surgery, I had my gall bladder out, last year I had my second knee replacement, after healing from these, I always started to work out.

    I started BFL for the first time Aug. 30th so I'm on my fifth week. My  problem is diet. I did well the first week, felt great, then the free day messes me up, it ends up being two free days and not as strict on the other days.

    You've been through a lot, your an encouragement for someone like me. I tend to do the yo-yo thing.

    Be careful to not and overdo it.

    Being your in the medical field I have a question. I did some crunches along with my lower body workout Saturday. Squats as part of my leg routine. I pulled my groin somehow. To the point when I walk it hurts like hell. When I sit for a lenght of time and try to get up it hurts so bad I can barely stand it. I'm in the second day of this and taking Tylenol which seems to help. I've done this once before and resting for two - three days seems to cure it. I do not stretch. It seems the combo of squats / ab and maybe riding bike contribute to this. My cardio is on a stationary bike. Any suggestions?

    Keep up your training!