Check in Everyone!!!

  • HI Graham:

      Here is some advice that I got (and am using) to resist my non-authorized eating/cheating:

    1. Create a card that fits in your pocket. On one side put your "before" picture. On the other side put a picture of your "dream" body or any body picture that motivates you. I use a pic I printed from the transormations on this site (Thanks BCBILL)

    2. When you are thinking of eating/cheating (especially non-authorized foods) put what you are planning to eat into a container to save for your free day. Or write it down in a notebook and have on free day. This helps me so much cuz all my lovely co-workers bring in home made baked goods all the time...I went to the forum for advice when I couldn't say no to a lime bar!! :D

    3. Use mind control! When you are tempted to eat/cheat tell yourself "Is this going to help me achieve my goal?" I also think about the measuring tape-Will eating (insert food) make me feel better than a lower # on the tape/scale?

    4. make sure you are eating balanced meals (fist portions protein, carbs veggies in at least 2 meals) every 3 hours. Also avoid diet soda and artificial sweetners.

    This was all advice I got when I was really down on myself about eating/cheating.

    Here is a link to the thread I posted:

  • Graham:

     I forgot about the card. Look at it when you are tempted to eat!

  • pal_bonds:

    I can see a big difference between week 1/2 to week 4 pics. Great transformation, keep it up!